SIC Fest

Pictures: Kevin Jay

Video: Zane Petty

Words: Alex Torres

What is a SIC Fest? Our good friends over at Stay ILL Clothing - S.I.C embarked on their first ever indoor car show. You see where the "SIC" name came from but will the festival live up to the hype? With failure not being an option, my boys thought outside of the box and combined a few alternative lifestyles into one crazy event or one SIC Fest, if you will.


This concept of BMX/Skateboarding expo alongside a car show hasn't really been executed before. So the preparation leading up to the event took all hands on deck to accomplish. I saw and know how much work goes into a single event, so when I arrived at the venue that day to judge; I had to express how proud I was of my buddies.


Literally as soon as I walked in, I felt the energy pulsing through the venue and it got me hyped up. The first thing I actually wanted to see before I started judging was the BMX stunt show.

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The guys at UPRISE Skateshop sponsored this event and they were the intrical part of building and designing the demo Skate Park. The box jump was the highlight as the BMXer's soared through the air. The riders were flawlessly executing 360's, others were more daring and pulling off backflips. All of which got the crowd turnt up and cheering the riders on.

There were even a few professionals on hand that partook in the activities. Like seeing Chaz Ortiz & Joe Battaglia in person throwdown was quite a pleasure. It was like watching the X-games but in person. I grew up at the BMX track so this aspect of entertainment had me from the jump.

In all honesty, I didn't get to watch as much of the BMX as I would of liked too. That's because I had judging duties to attend to and with 10 categories to judge, I had my work cut out for me.


My judging style for this event was to make sure I take my time walking through the isle of cars. When I would come across a car that fit one of my categories, I made it a point to talk with the owner and ask them to tell me about their cars.

Obviously not everyone was at their car when I walked by. So I would at least make the effort to find the owner. For example, if the person wasn't around their car but the people who parked next to the car I was judging were around,

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then I would ask them if they've seen the owner and tell them I'm looking for them. Sure enough usually moments later, the owner was found and we talked briefly about the car.

I'll tell you what, the quality of cars made it very difficult to pick any one winner. So many nice builds and so many people paying attention to the details now. It gets pretty wild, the level of modifications done to these vehicles. For me, I had to make my decisions based on quality, craftsmanship, and execution. With these as my determining factors, the cream rose to the top and I picked my winners accordingly.


Even though it may have upset a few people who felt that they were deserving of the award. I stuck to my principles of quality, craftsmanship, and execution to make my ultimate decision on who is a winner.


With that being said, all the cars that were in the show deserved to be there. All were outstanding builds. To the ones that didn't win and complained, don't get too butt hurt or be a sore loser.

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You were part of something special. Something that someone (Stay ILL) spent a lot of time, money and effort on to make this idea come to reality. Take a seat, sit down,  think about it and be humble.



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