Auto Show 2018 Chicago

The Chicago Auto show is a very big show. So big that it takes up two halls inside of McCormick Place, so I really don't know where to start. Which is why I am rambling until I can collect my thoughts. Just kidding... 

What we will discuss in this years auto show article will be, first some of the trends I am noticing from manufactures. Second, we will take a closer look at some of these manufacturers displays and vehicles. Then lastly, our wish list of cars we would love to daily.


The thing that most stood out to me this year was how manufacturers displayed upgrades to their vehicles and also how they let the public interact with the vehicles. Almost each manufacturer had an unique way to show off their performance parts. Whether it was aero parts or suspension pieces, using unique ways to show off these parts really stood out to me.

For example, having vehicles that have been already tuned in their booth spaces makes a big difference. Seeing a stock car next to a modified vehicle shows the potential first hand.

The camry looks more than just a toyota with the new design.

Like what toyota did with the camry and their land cruiser. The Flat black camry I would rock and maybe even with the gold wheels that the blue one had.

I like how Ford actually invited local tuning shop BTR and their SEMA project Focus ST into the Ford Booth space. Again, hinting to a potential buyer what these vehicles could be...

Even Chrysler got in the mix with their Pacifica. Having Vankulture put their magical touch on it. I personally would rock this as a camera car for rolling shots.

Chevy was a slouch by no means. Displaying not only their flagship Corvette ZR1 but also a camaro ZL1.

Alongside these modern muscle cars was also display cases showing all the little add-ons for the LS motor.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

The Honda booth also had a display case showing off all the exterior options for the civic Si and Type R. Honda even offered a Type R to the public to interact with first hand.

Which was very cool being able to play with the knobs and pop the hood. What I didn't notice though was a modified vehicle in the honda area. Everything was on display was stock.

Over on the luxury side of honda, Acura did have a full carbon NSX GT3 on display.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Subaru had the same vibe as honda but had a crashed WRX rally car on display. This was pretty cool to take a closer inspection of and superb example of safety.

Volkswagen and Dodge had some interactive vehicle displays. Essentially turning the vehicle into a video game. From video game technology to actual vehicle technology, the GTi and passat were proudly displaying their latest features.

I get lost when it comes to Dodge. I feel like there are so many "trims" to a challenger and charger now that it's like telling the difference between a Porsche GT1, GT2 or GT3. So let's keep it moving.

Over at BMW, they had their M-series proudly on display. The fact that these cars come from BMW pretty much like this is astonishing. The M4, M3 and M5 are iconic amongst driving enthusiast.

These examples were sporting some serious colors. Like a bag of skittles teasing you to taste the rainbow, these BMW colors on the M cars were very vibrant.

The manufacturer that made the most impact visually with their display to me has to go to Kia. They hit the mark by having all three elements in place. Having stock cars, modified cars and factory offered performance options made for a complete experience.

Not only displaying aero and performance upgrades in some very appealing display cases but also having modified examples in their own showcase. Like the Kia Stinger, their new flagship sports sedan. I noticed a lot of effort went into how this vehicle was displayed.

The tuned versions took center stage while the stock versions surrounded them like a great supporting cast. So much focus on the Stinger makes me think if Kia has a lot riding on this car to sell well. Well with all-wheel-drive, brembo brakes and a V6 Turbocharged motor, Kia has the recipe for success. We will see how the Stinger does.

DJI Mavic Air

Well that's it for now, on the next installment we will dive into my favorite vehicles I'd love to daily from the 2018 chicago auto show

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