Tuner Evolution-Chicago

First thing I want to say is that I liked Tuner Evolution. I learned alot from this experience in regards to throwing/ putting on a show. I tend to pay attention to details and I noticed how organized this event was from the moment I first saw this event on social media to the moment I checked in.

I was extra pumped up because I was accepted as official media. Although there was a gracious amount of time between me submitting my application and getting a response, I was still super stoked to receive that congratulations email. As the event date drew near the hype on social media grew like a kardashian eye makeup line.

This is another thing I couldn't help but pay attention to is how this event was promoted, marketed and branded. Being that we here at stance down low throw events ourselves, I really approached this event as a learning experience. Like the element of having a pre meet with our friends from Stay ILL the night before the show. I didn't get many pics of the pre meet because I was focused on video. But all the little details add up and I took notice.

I paid close attention to the post and noticed it's not what you say necessarily but how you say it that makes the difference in an impactful post. In regards to posting, having important information or FAQ's in the mix and not posting just to post is a balance I noticed tuner Evo had down well. It's all in the details like Big Mike's Prelude sema build.

With their posting, they always had a quality image/ digital flyer which I feel helps set the tone for the quality of the show. On top on the still images, throwing in a few videos of the cities nicest cars to showcase the event and city itself, I felt that was very impactful. People tend to watch T.V and a little promo video of an event can reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. The quality of their marketing in turn brought quality applicants.

Now once I actually arrived at Tuner Evolution with my small media team, we checked in and got our all access media badges. I'll be the first to admit it, I felt pretty cool with my media badge walking in and wanted to use it to my full advantage.

Immediately upon entering the show, I was hit with energy. The music was bumping and I was surrounded by quality cars as far as my eye could see. I handled the videography while Dave took care of the photography and Ron was incharge of the "Live" duties.

We had a quick pow wow and went off in our directions to cover the vast ocean of cars. There were quite a few cars and I soon realized that I'm going to be here for a while so take your time. After walking the rows of cars the steps finally caught up to me and I had to find a place to rest for a second.

It was at this time I ended stumbling upon the NVUS crew and they greeted me with open arms and a chair to sit on. While taking a load off, the guys offered me pizza, snacks, and drinks; which I kindly obliged their offerings. After filling my belly it was drawing near to the bikini contest, so I made my way to the stage.

While making my way toward the stage, I stopped by the Toyo Tire RV chill spot/ booth area. I noticed they had a vantage point on top of their trailer set up and I wanted to try to flex my media badge a little bit, so I asked if I could go up top. The Toyo guys were more than happy to escort me up, much to my suprise. Again, I felt pretty cool and thank you toyo for being so cool.

The bikini contest fast approaching at this point, I made hast toward the stage. I got to be right next to all the ladies and had a great view of each contestant walking onto the stage. Whole lot of a$$ everywhere and I did my best not to be a creep and maintain a professional manner.

I had a great experience, I thought the show had a great vibe, good music and a lot of quality cars. But I also came across some people that thought the show was like a museum. I even came across some people that were like "who are these tuner evo guys thinking they can throw a show in chicago, we don't know you." No matter how hard you try, we can't please everyone. All we can do is our best and I noticed the amount of thought and effort that went into Tuner Evolution Chicago.

The official after movie which covers both nights. The pre meet and the actual show. Enjoy this video and bonus images. We had an amazing experience!



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