Automass X Gridlife

Automass was one of my first vendor experiences a few years back. This was the type of event that held a standard and was one of those "can't miss events". The car show, the music, and most entertaining was the drifting but it kind of fell off and there hasn't been an Automass for a few seasons.

So when probably the most influential force in the midwest known as Gridlife announced that Automass is coming back.... well, the people rejoiced. For two whole days at the autobahn country club in joliet, spectators and myself were able to soak in all the fun.

The track battle consisted of using all 3 track configurations for the time attack guys. Records were broken and smashed by the top drivers like the ktuned livery integra.

Aside from time attack and beginners driving the track, there was go karting, a car show and of course drifting. I took my son on the 2nd day to see the car show and the drifting.

It was a hot sunny day and the track doesn't have any shaded spots, so unless you brought a canopy or an umbrella or new someone with a canopy, well you would end cooking in the sun.

My son and I walked through the car show first and ended up running into my friends with team NvUs. They had a canopy and offered some shade and snacks for me and my boy.

I was taking video all the while and still needed to take some photos. But after two hours in the heat and the sun, well my son was over it and wanted to go. Which I wasn't about to push him in this heat to stay longer.

Luckily my good friend and brand ambassador Zane was in the car show with his 350Z. I hit him up and asked if he could be so kind to take over the photography duties and he did. Thank you again Zane.

The car show was pretty lit and had a lot of top quality builds. The JDM Chicago booth was probably my favorite. Having a murdered out V.I.P lexus and the new civic type R in their line up had me all googly eyed.

Hope you guys enjoyed Zane's images of automass as much as I have. My favorite has to be the images of the royal flush crew.

Now it's time to watch the recap video! Turn the speaker up because this track bangs!


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