Gridlife 2k17 Drifting

The event known as Gridlife can single handedly be the best event of the year. Not just the best motorsport event but I mean the best event of any. From the race cars, show cars, drift cars and a concert festival vibe just short of burning man.  This is an event a recommend even to a non car enthusiast because of how much fun it is.

Let's not be bashful and get right into the fun. The most fun or crowd favorite has to be the drifting. That's what we will focus on here on this first part of our gridlife experience. The drifting!!!!

Every year Gridlife grows and what started with just some locally famous drifters to now having full on drift team professionals. Coming to the paddock complete with full trailers and a squad of professionals this year.

I was stoked and could tell that everyone else was ready to see these pro's rip up the track and kill some tires.

Local heroes like The Risky Devils held it down and looked very smooth in transitions.

Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gitten Jr the falken drift team and a few other pro's put on quite a show for the crowd. Running trains all around every turn like a Thomas the Train playset. It was lit.

Then seeing the pro's bust out the camera car and see that whole process in action was cool. The mercedes chase car was being pushed to its limits trying to keep up with the sideways madness.

This year though, I went to a different viewing point on the track for some different angles. Basically I was where the pro's would initiate there drift before coming into turn 2.             

It got pretty crazy on this side. The workers kept yelling to stay behind the line and the spectators kept crossing the line in attempts to egg on the drivers to "tap the wall".

Which they tried and we all got pelted with rocks and debris but it was so worth it. You could tell it was drift time when everyone started to gather along the trackside.

Everyone's snapchat and phone camera was out and ready to capture the madness.

Enough of the chit chat and let's enjoy this video of these guys flying right by us and kicking up debris everywhere.


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