Gridlife South

At Gridlife midwest, my team and I made a pack that we all would go to Gridlife south. So since that moment we have been putting in overtime and gearing up for this trip. Road Atlanta being the host for Gridlife pumped the hype machine even more up. A world class track not to mention an official formula drift stop, all this meant that we were in store for some top notch action for the weekend. Did I mention Waka Flaka was headliner.

After our 13hr journey we arrived in atlanta on friday just after noon. Pulling up to the gates and seeing the elevation changes and then driving through the tunnel, we were all so stoked and couldn't believe the weekend has arrived. We set up the booth rather quick to then explore the compound. 

The time attack cars where simply stunning with the high quality of each build. Which translates to the interesting battles on the track. While I couldn't help but notice the amount of illinois plates, in particular touge factory's mustang which was driven down to atlanta from the chicago. Touge's mustang found itself in a few battles on the course. 

My neighbors in vendor village were a southern company called bridge Moto and they had a pretty cool tank top that I bought for my mother. Meeting some new people is always a pleasure but this couple in particular were very nice. I've heard of southern hospitality but this was my first actually southern experience. 

The vendors were placed with a view of the stage directly in front of us which gave us a pretty awesome veiw at night for the concert. Of course I meant to get some pics of the nightlife but to be honest we were pretty turnt and enjoying ourselves.  

Andrew W.K took the stage on friday night and despite a little bit of rain he still rocked the track. On Saturday though, Waka Flaka suprised me because he didn't just perform his songs; the man single handedly orchrestrated a party. Controlling the vibe by incorperating a plethera of genre's like rock and edm anthems into his rap set.

I took advantage of the V.I.P wristband for his performance. When he jumped into V.I.P and then the crowd, he walked right in front of me. That was awesome.

What is really awesome though is the drifting at gridlife. This time around the drift line up included Vaughn Gitten Jr, The Chairslayer, Tuerck and Forsberg amoungst others. I don't know if was the recent trip to japan but Forsberg in his 4door infinite owned road atlanta for the weekend. Flying down the big hill like a bat out of hell, at I believe turn 10ish, doing speeds of 140mph side ways. The man was just skating on pavement and to witness it in person was simply impressive.

Enough chit chat here is the drifting. V10 swapped supra's, rwd WRX's, 2jz everything and Ls swap everything else. Sound is exhilerating the pictures capture the moment. 

Viper V10 in this supra sounded like the gates of hell opening on earth.

The Chairslayer in action.

Click the pic below to see our experience on Saturday and Sunday of the car show and also we take a quick stroll through the paddock.

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