Electric Music Factory 2016

Electric Music Factory is a car show event capped off by an EDM concert at night. The show is put on by Night Life Paradise which is an EDM movement in itself based out of rockford. The production level that went into this show was quite impressive. The stage being the focal point of Davis Park, played to field of quality built show cars along with edm lovers and families. 

Having numerous activities along with a variety of vendors kept boredom at bay. I am guilty of eating about 9 tacos, which were scumptious. Big beach balls, Slip and slides and knick knack vendors kept the kids cool and entertained. The beer cart stayed busy the whole day hydrating concert goers as well.

Oh the ladies, we cannot forget to mention all the beautifull ladies that made the day special for so many car owners. Thank you ladies, and thank you for dancing on the stage as well. The stage was top notch, light set up was straight bonkers but the kicker was fire. Yeah, fucking fire; fire shooting from the stage into the sky. Litterally Electric Music Factory was lit. 

There was no lack of quality in attendance. BTR brought out their widebody hyundai, PASMAG brought Paul Walker's GTR, while team shockwave brought one hell of a display set up for their team area. One thing I don't understand is when people complain about not winning or why did that guy win. 

Bringing show cars to car shows helps in judging but what really makes the difference is how one decides to display their hard work. It is that little extra effort in displaying your vehicle that will make or break your chances of taking home the glory. 

With that said, team shockwave hands down had the best display. It was like walking down the toy isle as a kid, you want all the toys especially the ones that stand out in the packaging most. It is in how they packaged and displayed each vehicle that seperates team shockwave from the rest.

As the sun reached it's boiling point, that heat had no affect on the energy in Davis Park. With the sunset coming closer and closer, the anticipation for the turn up began to get very real. Walking around and admiring the cars would have to suffice untill concert time.

The set list was hyped up with some of the best local EDM talent ready to rock the stage. My good friend and owner of So ILL, Shane, threw down one epic set to get the party going. 

We had one hell of a good time. Once the concert was coming to an end we broke down the canopy and headed home. Since the So ILL boys and I live in the same town we ended up cruising back home together. I managed to fanagle a few shots of their del sol. To sum this experience up at Electric Music Factory, can one really go wrong when there are tacos? The anwser is no, but the cars and good music did help.

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