Hot Import Nights 2016

HIN 2016

Hot Import Nights made its way to chicago on its 2016 global tour over the past weekend. The show managers had reached out to me this year and asked for my assistance in judging. I graciously obliged, along with Mr Cid from MXPI Tuning.

When HIN comes to your town they do so in a fashion that offers quite the experience. Pre Party at Sound Bar friday night, the car show on saturday and then of course an after party for the car show saturday night. 

Being a judge, the judging was done through an app called Ejudged. Now getting the judges could be a whole story in itself. For each car, we had to take a picture of it and then complete a dozen cateorgories on the app, followed by ripping of the littke tag on the registration and on to the next one. 

For the car show, Chicago's car scene did not disapoint. I thoroughly enjoyed walking and being able to look at each and every car. I fought hard for this yellow mazda rx7 with the carbon fiber fenders later on in the judging dileberations, I really thought he should have placed.

Also real quick shoot out to the pair of right hand drive honda's and the pair of volkswagens with the clean engine bays and swaps plus an absolute plush interiors. Then also the XB with the chandelier who drove all the way from the twin cities.

Also, thank you Fei Long HIN show manager for the judging opportunity, who knew that years ago our first encounter of ordering some parts from N1concepts would lead to all this.

We met at MXPI Tuning at 11 so that we can be there by noon. Or at least that was the plan, between us, ricky and his jetta was the first to arrive followed by just and his evo an hr later, then cid and seanee who is the fabricator at MXPI because he is driving adrian's Fr-s. 

That's Seanee the last one to arrive but at least he is rocking the new Stance Down Low Tank Top available now in our store, so that makes it better. Off to Hawthorne Race Course which is a 40minute trek.

There was a little bit of a line during roll in but being a vendor we were able to bypass that and get right in to set up. All together we had the 3 Z's, the Fr-s, the jetta, the evo the all trac celica and the rx8.

Once the gates opened the venue filled and the waves of people flooded in. At this time is when we met for the judges meeting. 

Walking through the aisles and judging each car it is in the details and execution that stick out. For example the scion with the chandelier, thats some pretty dope VIP shit. Or how the undercarriage of the lexus GS was completely smooth painted panels. 

The task of judging wouldn't be complete without a little pressure. Mr. Cid can tell you too, it is not easy judging 300 cars. 

Judging took pretty much till sunset, we had our judges meeting while the main performing artist get to go on the Suicide Bunny stage and turn up. 

The night brings the lights, camera and action for the performing artists. BAEZA through down an awesome set and finished the show by announcing the awards. 

Awards done, the competitors proceed to roll out and either head home or to the after party. A few burnouts to complete this experience at the ulitmate import attraction known as Hot Import Nights. 

Please enjoy this PandaEdit trailer by Nick Serrano of Hot Import Nights Chicago 2016

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