GridLife Experience 2016

Hands down the best experience I've had at gridlife was this last go around. I have attended gridlife for a few years now, sometimes as a vendor and sometimes as a spectator. This year gridlife had an energy to it. That once the threshold was crossed into gingerman, all the worries and cares of our daily lives were left at the gate.

Now if you don't know what gridlife is by now just know that it is more than a festival and has become an experience, a memory that will last a life time. Bonding with friends that enjoy racing, drifting and turning up is priceless. Watch this video by Boosted Films for a informative breakdown of this festival.

Being a vendor came with some perks and I thank the gridlife team for taking such good care of thier vendors. V.I.P concert access, expedited exit and entrance into the festival. We made a few trips to walmart so that was very nice avoiding the general admission line.  Most important gesture was also V.I.P wristbands for my team that helped me throughout the weekend.  Seeing the smiles on my guys faces made the weekend that much more enjoyable. 

Enough mushy mushy stuff before I get teary eyed, let see some racing. The first to hit the track are the weekend warrior racers then time attack lastly followed by drifting and then repeat.

At gridlife we debuted a few new items. Stance Down Low Pocket t's and a few new stickers as well (items will be available on the site shortly).

Honda ef crew known as the ramblers doing work. Honda's in general we see a lot of at the track.

My friend Cid the owner of MXPI Tuning stretching the legs of his toyota All-trac

One of the team members who helps run the booth made his trackday debut. 

On to the drifting. Tuerck being the main attraction, lets be honest. Tuerck had a chase car following him grabing some epic footage. When the drift session begins the edge of the track is lined with spectators. People actually cheer at the roar of the v8's and the 2j's, hoot at near crashes, and hollar atfer every clean pass. Simply the drift session is the sh*t.

Had a few spin outs during the drift session.

The racing and drifting go on all weekend. Its on saturday that the car show is judged. Lets see the cream of the crop.

Congrats to Gene on his latest super street feature and best in show SoILL pick at our parking garage party.

The transition to night brings on its own element. Track stars and spectators gear up for the concert by having a few beverages. Us vendors that have lights set up, stay open till the start of the concert. So at this time we break out the glowsticks and slam a few down as well.

Savoy headlined friday night. I had consumed a few beverages on this evening and found myself in the heart of the crowd dancing the night away. I somehow ended up back stage for a bit until I was asked nicely to laeve.

Saturday night Ookay and Paper Diamond through down an awesome set. This night I took advantage of the V.I.P wristbands. Expedited access into the concert and then straight to the elevated platform next to the stage where the V.I.P's where.  

Rubbing elbows with tuerck, hert, and forsberg... well not really rubbing elbows. Anyway the shit was awesome and I will say again, this was hands down the best gridlife experience to date. Obvisously I can not disclose everything we did but my guys know I appreciate them for holding the fort down.

Once the concert ended the after party was at the styln compound and these guys kept the party going all night. 


I will say it again, gridlife knows how to treat their vendors and I thank you for taking care of myself and my team. Seeing the smiles on their faces made it so worth the hangover(s). 

Thank you Zane for going into beast mode with the camera this weekend and getting all these awesome shots. Here is his z by lake michigan.

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