Import Wars #1

When imports and sport compacts from chicagoland and milwalkee area need to settle a score, they come to Great Lakes Dragway. Racing is fun and racing sometimes leads to a competitive level.

Since the early 2000's the Great Lakes Dragway has been the battlefield for racers. The onslaught of boost, frenzy of nitrous and all motor combat strikes excitement for fans and racers alike. Although no hostility amoungst competitors, the warpath of grudge matches ultimately ends in a seize fire till the next Import Wars. Special thanks to the sponsors that make it all happen. ILL Garage , Global Motoring and Xtremedragphoto.com

Racing transforms to family entertainment

Suprise to see such a clean bug ripping down the strip.

Light them up.

All that smoke and no fire, Honda for the win.

The classic rivalry

Subaru for the win

Mustang kept the 350Z off as it pulled away

Fun runs are available for $35 and settle the score between friends.

Something under utilized this mazda 3 packs a turbo punch. With minor tweaks and a tune the power levels increase which in theory translates to decreased time slips.

Long as your not sleeping at the tree light. Getting tree'd is never fun.

More than just a few of the mazda speed.

As racing drew to an end and the last burnouts were had, lets walk to the paddock for some spectator cars.

Freedom in all its glory. Lets be gratefull that straight is the only direction this mustang is going. 

Until Import Wars #2 , which is coming up soon, please enjoy.

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