Tuner Galleria 2016

Tuner Galleria makes its way back to the windy city for its seventh year in a row. A quick start off to the car show season, many come out of hibernating during winter to show off their most prized possesions. Being a full one day event; I can only imagine what the full weekend would be like participating in World Of Wheels. 

It is only right to pay respects to the OG tuners that where downstairs in the world of wheels. If not for them, who would set the trends, and who will set the standards. The standards we use and judge our peers with at every car event. just look at the details and look at that paint.


Along with the car mania downstairs, there was also a galore of bikes. My eyes took me to the rattiest most obscure section in the building, The bikes on hand had character straight from a pack of cigs from the malbro man and jack daniels .

The unofficial tuner galleria starter back is as follows and is pictured above; Neo Chrome sticker, suspension air bag set up, some obscur offset rims and finally something ridiculously random. It was once said that stance will make her dance. Lets look at the noteably mentions now from tuner galleria that put a boogie in your woogie.

Lately Ive spent some time with my buddy and his IS300 doing some drifting, so this white one immediately captured my attention as I walked in. Now if anyone has been paying attention to the major car show circuits, I recall back to SEMA where the hot trend is colors and spikes. So we can see how this guy is leading the charge to head of the fanboys with the little details. I really like the details in small places to add that little touch of personality.

Newly wrapped and just finished by MXPI tuning, my buddies evo has a whole new attitude with its new color. With air in all 4 corners just pop that switch and let the air out. We see how nicely the evo sits once aired out.

Coming from Indiana this limited edition STI subaru makes use of air ride suspension as well. Like throwing the blanket onto a bed; the air eventually is no longer resistant and blanket will lay nicely flat on the bed; just as this STI lays out on the ground.

Stopping by EP Jimmy and the volvo/viga merger to say hello. These guys have quit the arsenal of vehicles at their disposal at every show. All top notch BMW and European makes and models.

After the pit stop and refreshments over with, we continue to walk. Walking up and down the isles apon isles only to see familar faces and introduce my self to some new vendors as well.

Fitted Wheels making a splash onto the scene with their line up of wheels. Multispoke designs offer the classic look.

Then we come across JUST DRIFT IT, which is true hard working success story. Placement is key and the timing be just right when conquering ones inhibitions. Placing the drift RC car track right infront of the canopy didn't hurt either.

Continuing on, I ran into my friends evo. The advan wheels are a new addition. While the 700plus proven ponies have been under the hood for some time. Belonging to the Beyond Boost Crew and being one of 20cars reppresenting this day contributed to the teams' victory.

Another vendor I personally like just because of the honda's they bring is CTB Garage. Far from short on honda's in their line up. 

The honda game is strong and honda heads in chicago are on another level. The most ridiculous swap goes to the j32 supercharged monstrousity. While the turbo k swap looks powerfull.

Thats all folks.

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