Chicago Auto show 2016

The Chicago Auto Show comes again to the windy city for a week in the month of febuary. A world class event where automakers take this platform to debut and showcase the vehicles in their respective line ups. This year I went with my mopar buddies on a friday night after work. 

My friends went straight to the dodge show case area, where myself strolled around to take some pictures. BMW brought the most agile, radical and powerful M4 car ever built. With a quite respectable Nurburgring lap time of 7:28mins the acid orange color matched wheels and diffuser are doing more than look wild but actually functional performance parts.

While Mercedes launched their AMG C 63 Coupe' Edition 1. The performance and yellow color scheme are inspired directly by the DTM racing series coupe'. Equipped with ceramic brakes from the factory, the inspiration from the race cars turns into smiles for owners on track days.

Audi made sure not to be left behind by debuting their V10 R8 super car. The V10 produces 610hp. Sharing nearly half of its parts with the LMS R8 racing car. We can see the trend of taking knowledge gained from the race track and applying it directly into production vehicles. 

The acura NSX is ready to hit market this upcoming year and enthusiast couldn't be more excited to see a legend reborn. A twin turboed charged V6 mated to a 9-speed hybrid powertrain set up takes race car technology and translates to a  street smart set up.

Refusing to be left behind in the super car battlefield. The new Ford GT is something out of a star wars movie. Heavy on the aerodynamics, the body lines suggest that flight is possible even while it is motionless and completely still. A beautiful design.

What has the hot hatch segment in an uproar is the coming of the Ford RS. Never before has this hot hatch graced the soil of America, packing an AWD turbo'd setup producing 350hp. This is bound to stir things up and maybe take some subaru and evo lovers with it.

Maybe other manufacturers will get the formula and take their best selling car and apply some racing technology to it and sell it to the public. Toyota seems to be on the right track with this camry. Adding suspension and aero packages directly from Toyota racing development division changes the grocery getter to something that others will look twice at while driving by.

Speaking of TRD, there was a whole area showcasing toyota's racing division's off road capabilities. Countless titles and baja wins in off road racing, the toyota truck line up can stand up to and pass the rest in its class. Again, racing knowledge applied to production vehicles. Notice any trends?

Receiving text from my mopar buddies to come check out the hellcat, I headed in that direction. The muscle car garnered much attention and rightfully so, being that the hell cat is the highest horsepower car under 100k available in the market. The bang for its buck value is tremendously high.

Argueably the quintessential american super muscle car is the Dodge Viper. Now this one in particular is 1 of 1. A pure track day inspired machine meant to be enjoyed. Fully equipped from the the V10, splitters, diffusers, ceramic brakes and track tuned suspension. The flagship of the brand can rest assure its racing pedigree will maintain status quo.

Moving on with the show I came across a lexus rocking a widebody kit. Wide and low with wheels that fill the wells fully, this combo is always sure to please. The big wang plays to tuner crowd while providing some function in a real world scenario.

Then there was the coolest thing at the Nissan booth. Taking their Pathfinder, Rogue and Murano models and giving them a winter warrior treatment. Taking the warrior winter a step further, a non dealer option; tank track setup was installed.  Maybe with all the buzz around the winter warriors nissan will add the tank track system as a dealer option.

Being a vtec enthusiast, a tad bit of disappointment was has in the honda area. The CBR quickly reminded me of honda's racing pedigree and the fact that honda makes more than just economy cars. 

Keeping on going with the show since closing time is approaching by the moment. The next stop was Subaru. Being a leader in WRC for many years with the WRX, we see the newest rally WRX car on display. For me the 5-door concept was the most appealing to my eyes as far as hatchback designs go. 

Another concept that was quit attractive was found in the mazda booth. The miata concept sports a windshieldless design, meant to connect the driver with the environments. A bolstered seat with supple material line the interior and keep the occupants comfortable during all driving conditions.

Although the scion brand is no more, its departure from the industry may be gone but far from forgotten. Scions' latest hatchback the iM has been modified by the godfather Marc Arcenal of ILLest for the scion tuner challenge, which he won. More so is the impact the Fr-S had on the tuner community. Bringing back spirited rear wheel drive sports cars to the market that are fun to drive.

Closing time was looming and the last stop I made was at the Auto Art booth. Simply put, The Auto Art Custom Haus is a one stop shop for any and all automotive needs. Vossen's and HRE wheels to airlift suspension and carbon fiber body pieces; the mods are endless but their capabilities are continuely expanding.

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