Chicago Auto show 2015

The first car show I ever attended was the Chicago Auto show. Since then I've made it a prioty to visit this annual event at McCormicks place located in downtown. Automakers have used the big city show to debut new models and showcase their latest line up of vehicles. Allowing the consumer to get in vehicles and get a real feel of the automobile. One thing I did notice from the automakers this year was the emphasis on motorsports. Allow me to walk you through the chicago auto show this year and describe some notably vehicles that were on display.


For the mass general population that attends the auto show, the reasons tends to be for the interaction between the consumer and the vehicle. The hands on approach allows the public to get a firm grasp on what to expect from a vehicle. Being able to sit in the seat, play with the buttons and pack the kids in the back, the consumer can better determine what work for their particular lifestyle and needs.


Each manufacturer proudly displays their flagship vehicle. Every automaker from volkswagen to kia had something to show. Mercedes showcased their 500hp twin turbo v8 AMG GT-S, while Lexus and the new luxury performance RC-F coupe had a stock and a modified version on set but we will get to that modified one in just a second. 

One crucial aspect to car companies is bringing in the new generation of a car. Manufacturers usually use these big attendance events to reveal or unvail an upcoming vehicle to be added to their line up. The hype surrounding the debut of the beloved Acura NSX was emence and the internet could not build the anticipation up more than it already has. So to finally see it in person was exciting but to hear the twin turbo v6 with its 9speed dual clutch transmission on the street will be the real thrill.

The racing pedigree found in the history of acura's supercar the NSX is translated directly in all of acura's line up. The motorsports race team RealTime is highly respected by Acura and displayed their TSX race car. RealTime has been racing honda's since the 80's and built quit the reputation in the motorsports community by winning and winning consistently.

Toyota had possibly the biggest emphasis on racing in their section on display. Their nascar division had a whole fleet lined up while behind a set a ropes was their championship LeMan's race vehicle. Built for the sole purpose to withstand a full 24hrs of abuse accured during a LeMan's race. 

While Toyota's partner brand known as Scion had this Fr-S. Built by speedhunters for the scion tuner build off challenge for SEMA. This Fr-S sports some serious custom fabrication. From the shaved door handles to the shaved engine bay, the list of mods is endless. So I recomend clicking the link to see the full extent in detail the length in which these guys went in modifying this Fr-S. 

If you are anything of a gear head then you have probably seen or heard of Tanner Foust. Tanner is a  drifter and host on the popular show Top Gear USA. If you have ever seen the show then you know Tanner is an avid Porsche fan. Currently Tanner is racing for volkswagen, so when Volkswagen approached Tanner with this project he naturally went to famed Porsche build RAUH-Welt-Begriff or RWB. Meet the Tanner Foust Edition RWB Beetle Turbo R. Click here for the full story of this elequint beetle. 

When just looking and sitting in cars isn't enough, the auto show offers the opportunity to drive vehicles in a controlled safe environment. By giving up your email and subjecting yourself to waves of spam mail, you too can enjoy the small course set up and test out certain vehicles.

What the gentleman in particular is astonished by and what we see here is the 19-inch custom made from enkei 6666TRA-Kyoto designed wheels on the GReddy SEMA build. Measuring 10.5 wide upfront and 12inches wide in the back, this meaty set up hides a powerful brembo brake setup. 

The infamous rocket bunny design has found yet another victim to lay its wide fenders upon. This time in the form of Lexus' Rc-F sport luxury coupe. Built for attention, the performance side is left pretty much how it came from the factory minus and intake and exhaust. The suspension is a set of KW's V3 coilovers which give just the right amount of stance. While the major emphasis is on the looks of the vehicle we can agree that this lexus will most certainly turn heads and break necks.

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