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Low Key - Jordan's TL


There are times when one comes across a vehicle that stops them dead in their tracks. Mesmerized by its shape, curves and profile; leaving one in a blank stare. Jordan's TL has a knack for doing this to me.


I love a black car, especially four door black cars and Jordan's TL in particular is one of the best examples of a TL in Chicagoland. The final product you see here did not happen overnight though.


The stance has been perfected with time. There are many factors when committing to achieving this sort of stance on Jordans TL. He has way more going on than just coilovers and wheels.


Although like most, his first modification was a set of coilovers but soon thereafter he dropped the static life in favor for a life on air. Even with the air ride system provided by air lift, it still takes a lot more dedication for the end result to achieve this stance.


I mentioned the curves and shape earlier of this TL and if you guessed that the body isn't completely stock, then you would be right. Aside from the A-spec lip factory honda accessory, I noticed the fender profile right away.


Like how the 19X11 Kranze Bazreia tuck neatly into the fender like a child being tucked into bed. This is not by accident either, Jordan enlisted the services of Fast Eddie's body shop. They were able to pull and smooth out these fenders for both the front and rear.  


The final product not only showcases the quality of work coming out of Fast Eddie's Shop but also the quality Jordan chose in all areas of his build to achieve this final outcome. Let's take a look inside the cabin now of Jordan's TL.


The Acura TL is already well equipped and luxurious standard. So all Jordan had to do was dress it up a bit and add some of his personal flare. Like how the pillars fabric has been swapped out. Also the junction produce headrest pillows compliment the leather interior quite well.


A very clean and simple cabin with just enough flare to spice any commute up a tad bit. I am a big fan of less is more, especially when the finish is flawless.


To me, I would say Jordan has achieved a flawless victory with his TL. The quality of parts, the stance, the curves, the shape and profile are all so low key yet they stand out to a trained eye. All these low key factors add up to a big win for Jordan and his TL.













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