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The Amazing S2K - Cj's S2000


Have you ever come across someone whose presense just lights up the room? The combination of charisma, style and dignity elevates any atmosphere they step into.  Well this Honda s2000 exudes this level of prestige and also the owner CJ is a really cool guy too. Let us dive right in and take a closer look at one of the best examples of an s2k in chicagoland.


Cj's s2k has been a work in progress and has seen many transformations throughout its time. I remember when it was on coilovers and would occasionally hit the track from time to time. The progression hasn't stopped either.


Cj dumped his coilovers in favor for life on air. I know an s2k on air is sacrilegious to some but for Cj, it was the right choice. Wanting to make the transition from track to more of a show car, an air lift system was installed.


A trend that is very clear now is the trunk set up. Cj took his trunk setup to another level with including his favorite superhero as the theme. This spiderman theme is executed flawlessly and has become a crowd pleaser for young and old alike. Since this session, Cj has once again redone his trunk and kept the spiderman theme going. Stay tuned in to see an updated glimpse.


What's even more funny is my own son loves Cj's amazing S2K more than my own fuga. Everytime we see it my son will say "there's spiderman's car" which is pretty awesome. This is that charisma we mentioned earlier.


All the things on this s2000 add up to putting smiles on people's faces. This super ability to win crowds over in such a charismatic fashion isn't something everyone can pull off. It takes vision and dedication trusting the end result.


Moving deeper past the stance and air ride you'll notice the quality of parts that were chosen on Cj's s2k build. At the time of this photo session, Cj was rocking stock s2000 brakes with upgraded pads and rotors. The wheels were 18x9.5 work emotions CR kiwami wheels with a +38 offset.


By the time you're reading this, Cj has upgraded the brakes to a brembo kit off a dc5 and swapped the wheels out in favor for a set of work meister s1's. So an updated photo session is in the works, so stay tuned for that.


One of my favorite pieces on this s2k are the tail lights. A piece that not many touch or modify but Cj went with a full LED build. The rear end of the s2k is already mouth watering but these tail lights make you want to put a ring on it type of feeling. They are that good.


While also paying homage to his track roots, we see the rear diffuser, side extensions and front splitter. The rear end is also complemented by the version select GT big wang. All purposeful and functional parts that say " I may be on air ride but I still get down".


The hood is also another favorite of mine that compliments the exterior so well. The seibon mugen style hood fits seamlessly with all the other aero upgrades. Form and function at its finest.


Adding to the structural rigidity of the S2k a cusco roll bar was added. This leads up to the interior of Cj's s2k. I love Cj's style and his interior is just and extension of his personality.


A bride racing seat secures Cj during any spirited driving situations. The bride theme carries over onto the door inserts. It's the little things that stand out and the more I look the more details I notice.


My favorite piece in Cj's interior is the sticker he has on his dash. "None but ourselves can free our minds". That's some deep sh*t and can go over an individual with a lesser mind. We can see Cj freed his inhibitions on this build.


The limits to building and modifying a vehicle is on the mind of the builder. What this s2k has become is something legends are made of. Something that will live long after all his awards have tarnished, long after the hype is gone. Cj's s2000 has left his mark.

With great power comes great responsibility. The power this amazing S2K possess  is the power of influence. Influencing our younger generations and future gearheads onto a path of prosperity and good builds.















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