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De Muerto TL


You know the meme that goes something like: "Bought a daily_ Now I need a new daily". That's kind of what happened here with my buddy Jason and his Acura. A type-S TL with a six speed manual transmission was acquired this year with the intention of doing simple modifications and driving it while his other car is getting some body work done. That will be a feature of it's own, the other car and I am very excited to see the end results of that project as well.


First, a set of D2 coilovers where installed on the TL and the fake Jordan shoes that came on the car where replaced with authentic XD9 Work Wheels. That's when the snowball effect started and parts where arriving daily. Making adjustments and making sure the wheels sit nicely,  a set of skunk2 front camber arms and a set of wicked racing camber arms for the back were utilized.


Parts didn't stop at the suspension, an intake, full exhaust, Ktuned billet shifter and a hondata ecu unit along with a bevy of gauges to monitor activity found their way onto this TL. When I ask Jason about building two cars, he responded with " I just couldn't wait for the other car to be finished." Like eating oreos, once you start you can't stop and before you know it, you just killed two rows of oreo's.


Which I realize he is just building two different cars to his taste. This TL I would say is a more of a quality bolt on approach of a street car were compared to his other car, which is a complete custom widebody job. The two are different but one in the same, like a circle. The circle of Jason's creativity and passion.


His creativity is stamped all over this TL with the custom interior pieces that have been wrapped in a "Dia De Muertos" fabric. The day of the dead theme is carried throughout the interior and into the trunk. In the trunk you will find a light setup illuminating two 12inch alpine type R subwoofers and a memphis 1000watt amp.


Once the trunk is closed, that's when rear really takes a shape of its own. A rear diffuser from a subaru and what is my favorite piece on the car is revealed. An Endless RPM molded duckbill Carbon Fiber Trunk and to me, this piece sets the car off.

From a modest TL type S to quit a head turning, walking dead of a TL. I say Jason did one hell of a job with this Acura. What resonates with me about this TL is how much of a reflection it is of its owner. An extension of his personality if you will. Quality parts with nothing too flashy, expect for the underglows. All these things combined to make one exceptionally unique example of an Acura TL Type S.

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