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iLean - Nick's 1971 Volvo 142s


Here is Nick and his 1971 Volvo 142s. What is a 142s? That was really the first question I had and then followed by... How did you get it that low? At first glance this vintage volvo looks unrecognizable. The wide fenders and aggressive stance truly set this 142s apart from the rest.


The 142s was Volvo's take on a sporty yet safe car. Coming from the factory with disc brakes insured the driver's confidence. While the factory B20b motor made enough ponies to make any commute exciting. What really stood out about these cars though, was the handling. The 142s was so competent that it made numerous appearances on rally courses and the track.


I know what you're thinking... It's just a Volvo and an old one at that. So just to put things in perspective, these cars brand new back in the day were selling/costing as much as a corvette. These Sweeds new what they were doing when they packaged all that performance and creature comforts into a somewhat corky shell. Yet, Nick has made this Volvo stand out.


The road presence is undeniable and the stance is really down low. To achieve this level of stance, the fenders were cut and the suspension was altered. First, Nick had a set of super wide ZG front overfenders and Pandem rear overfenders. Which was awesome for a while but Nick grew tired of them and went with a different style. After more cutting and test fitting, a set of Tommy's Speed Shop V3 overfenders hug the American Racing wheels like grandma on Thanksgiving dinner night.


15x10 with a -44offset to be exact. The American Racing Wheels are wrapped in Hoosiers and keep this Volvo stuck to the ground. While a set of IPD lowering springs (cut just a little) and relatively stock suspension are the main components that keep the Volvo planted through the corners. It is when this thing is on the road, that the true majesty of this galloping unicorn can be appreciated.


We don't see things like this anymore. One other thing I've noticed with this Volvo, is more often than not, Nick has his ol' man in the passenger seat. Not only has Nick bonded with this Volvo 142s during the build in his garage but also looks like vessel to bond with his pops. That's a cool thing.DJI Mavic Air

It is through this bonding process that the car was given a name. Her name is Eileen and she is a classy girl but classy with an i (South Park Reference). Everything about this car is classi, even the faux rust paint job. It's like drinking fine wine in your pajamas. Who cares what other people think, just do your own thing.


I truely appreciate builds like this. Seeing the excitement in Nicks face when other people are enjoying his creation is a pretty cool feeling to experience. Thank you and enjoy our walkaround we did and the bonus photo's. Be sure you guys comment any questions you may have about Nick's build and don't forget to subscribe!!!!



1971 Volvo 142S
  • stock b20b with ram pipes
  • ipd lowering springs
  • pandem rear flares and wide zg fronts
  • 15x10 -44 offset American racing wheels
  • Original interior
  • Freshly rebuilt zenith stromberg dual sidedraft carbs
  • Velox rear diffuser







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