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Static Shock | Brian's Civic 2dr

A lot of people tend to gravitate towards Honda's as their first car because of the reliability, they are easy to maintain and have superb gas mileage. For most of those people, they get the infamous civic. Soon after owning and driving the civic, they get bit by the bug. The aftermarket bug and start to personalize and customize their civic. My friend Brian is one of these examples of being bitten by the tuning bug.


The upgrades usually starts of small like a fart can exhaust or some coilovers, maybe a lip kit and some HID's. Once the ball starts rolling it is hard to stop and like Brian, it leads to a snowball effect that gets bigger and bigger. I've noticed Brian's hard work as he has been transforming his civic into his own vision. So far I like what I see.


Since this is Brian's daily he wanted to go low and I mean really low. A set of Raceland Primo with swift springs were chosen to handle the lowering duties. The ride height has been almost completely maxed out. Thanks to some trickery with his camber, Brian was able to go a little lower.


From the suspension, let's take a look at the wheels. Brian got a new set of wheels for this season. Last year he had a nice chrome lip set up but decided to go with a fat lip setup instead. What he went with is a set of 15x9 Rota Grids V. Brian is running a stretched tire as well, to make sure the wheels tuck nicely and fit in the wheel wells.


Moving on to more of the exterior, a mugen style front lip adds character to the front. A set of HID's light up the way on his late night cruises. Also, Brian did a  custom turn signal blinker color that is pretty cool. The turn signal switches to white when turning and back to the stock yellow/orange color while not blinking. A simple yet tasteful modification. A rear window roof spoiler and window visors add a nice simple elevated touch. While the type R grill opens airflow to the engine.


The engine is your stock d16y8 and is rocking your basic bolt ons. A nice intake and exhaust handle the power adder duties for now because there is something special happening to the engine this season.

A turbo kit has already been attained and just a couple minor pieces to the boost puzzle are left before the turbo can spool. It's exciting and by the time you read this, Brian's boost puzzle has been nearly solved.



Now let's take a look inside to the interior. Again, simple yet tasteful modifications Brian selected to upgrade his cabin. Like an NRG quick release that is mated to a momo steering wheel. While Brian grips his momo steering wheel, his butt is planted securely in a fitted Corbeau racing seat.


We all have those times when one just wants to go for a cruise and listen to music. In these moments, Brian turns up the volume on his JVC head unit (came with the car, upgrading soon) and blast some Post Malone and Trippie Redd through the kenwood speakers and pioneer champion subwoofer. All powered by a 1500watt SSL amp.


All in all, Brian's civic has become an extension of his personality and more than just a vehicle. Brian's Honda has become an outlet to relieve the stress of daily life and a project that is growing and maturing with time. Can't wait to see it boosted!!!







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