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Duo-Tone | RHD Civic SiR


Have you ever seen something that you didn't know what it was but still liked it? That is the reaction most people have when they come across this Civic. To the average joe, this honda looks too insane to be a civic but those in the know, know that this civic is fitted with the best parts and no expense was spared in it's transformation.


What started life as a plain jane, white, daily commuter of a honda; has quickly turned into a build of passion. Essentially everything on this honda has been touched, inside and out. So where do we begin?


Let's start with what we can see first. The body is adorned in carbon fiber. From the hood, front lip, mirrors, to the fenders and finishing off with the trunk. Everything that can be carbon fiber has been replaced with carbon fiber.


Looking past the weave of carbon, immediately our eyes lock onto the color shifting wrap. At different angles and in different light, this civic can go from a bright gold shine to a matte olive. The color spectrum has quit a range in this wrap.


Like a chameleon or the color shifting duo tone spider, this civic's color is different at every angle. Like the spider, this civic is patiently waiting to strike on its prey. The prey being awards and trophies. Let's look closer at this soon to be winner of every award honda civic.


The engine and engine bay tallied up many man hours to get it to where it is today. A fully built- forged internal B-series motor lays securely in the bay. Then a gigantic turbo is mated to the motor. Yes, this Vtec motor is boosted!!!


All that airflow is pushed through an Edlebrock VictorX intake manifold. While an AEM fuel rail and regulator keeps the fuel in check. More details are noticed like a carbon radiator cover and BWR dress up bolts define the engine bay. So many little details I kept noticing as my eyes kept moving across the engine bay.


All these parts on the motor add up to power. Being able to put that power down to the wheels is an LSD equipped transmission. Speaking of wheels, a set of Rays Gram Lights free up the rotating mass. Wrapping the Rays in Nitto NT05 insures a sticky contact patch.


The laws of nature tell us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So with the ability to go fast we also need the abililty to stop very fast as well. This is where the wilwood big brake kit is invaluable. Not only is the stopping power increased but this kit looks really good too.


Moving on to the interior, this is where we see more passion and details. First thing that jumps out obviously is the RHD conversion going on. Then the red theme jumps out at you.


Red Braum seats and harnesses not only look very nice but secure the drivers butt during any spirited driving. Which is only done within the constraints of the law, spirited driving that is.

The red Grip Royal steering wheel has an interesting story all on its own. Wanting a steering wheel that would match his seats, RHD Cuevas approached Grip Royal with this idea. Not only did Grip Royal come through with his special request but also at the end offered RHD Cuevas a sponsorship. Needless to say, this RHD civic is now sponsored by Grip Royal.


By the time you are reading this, RHD Cuevas has already swapped his steering wheel to a new Grip Royal one that now matches his exterior color scheme.


Looking through the custom Grip Royal steering wheel, the eyes are lead to an s2k cluster. This modification has been executed with factory finish perfection and if your not looking closely then your eyes may go right over it. I personally love this touch and the s2k gauge cluster looks great.


Being RHD, it's safe to say that RHD Cuevas has an itch for all things JDM. This is very apparent in the interior. A jdm center DVD screen, jdm red door inserts and an s2k push to start button round off the jdm themed interior.


As can be seen, this civic is more than just a honda; but more so, a complete build. Everything from the engine, exterior and interior has been touched. The style and taste of the owner oozes throughout the civic and around every corner seems like something new is noticed. Which at the end of the day, it's the details that will separate the men from the boys.


















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