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Passion Fuel | 90' Mazda Miata


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you can taste it? Do you believe in love at first sight? Well both of these examples fall true for the owner of this 1990 Mazda Miata. The Mazda Miata has its own grass roots cult following and when the owner laid his eyes on a modified one he knew he had to get his hands on one of his own. No matter what it takes...


Countless days and nights passed of searching the ads on the internet for the perfect one. Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, the want to obtain a miata consumed the mind of Bryan. Not a meal passed without the thought of driving a miata crossed through Bryans' mind like a vintage film reel playing over and over.


I can relate to this feeling because I felt the same thing but with my honda. So in that same regard I understand the passion Miata owners have for their cars. I get it, they are RWD, nimble and very fun to drive. So finally, Bryan felt that he narrowed in on the search for a miata of his own.


A few hours worth of a drive and boom! Bryan had his miata! To the average car consumer, all they would have seen was a pile of junk. The status of the car was in disrepair and needed much tender loving care to get this Miata back in tip top shape.


So starting from a primerd' exterior, Bryan first started with body work. Sanding and more sanding to get the body in better shape. Then next, the fender were cut to make room for the rocket bunny flares.  The precision fitment of the Rocket Bunny Flares made the install painless.


The aggressive appearance of the fender flares is accompanied by a set of BC Racing coilovers and a set of 16x10 Diamond Racing wheels. To finish the dynamic stance, there are a bevy of adjustable controls arms from Megan Racing which are set to -5degrees in the front and -7degrees in the rear.

One thing that shocked me as I was walking around the car, taking these photos and talking with the owner.... was the fact that he had only owned the car for one year. With that years time he transformed a busted ol' miata that someone wanted to give away into something that is passionately unique. Maybe it's the passion that fueled the drastic transformation of this miata. What ever it may be, I'm glad that it was done.


Moving right along the exterior, we see a huge carbon fiber wing complimented by APR carbon side mirrors. I love these mirrors personally, they look amazing in person.


Next let's move right into the interior. The stock seats were ditched in favor for a Bride seat. The bride seats are great for holding Bryans' butt in his seat during spirited driving.


Gripping the Avenue steering wheel has a natural driving positioning feel. Perfect position for those long on/off ramp corners. The steering wheel is secured with an NRG quick release which helps making more room for getting in and out of the car.

The looks weren't the only things touched. A very needed tune up was performed with a few upgrades thrown in the mix as well. Like replacing the whole exhaust with Xforce headers and a Borla exhaust. Then a new exedy stage 2 clutch and flywheel were chosen to freshen up the trans when it came time to change the fluid.


At long last, the passion Bryan had for miata's fueled him to transform one of his very own. It only took one year to go from ugly Betty to America's Next Top Model. Even though I know Bryan is happy with his miata right now, he is still not done and we can expect more to come in the future from this unique mazda.


















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