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Impetus | Sean's Scion TC


Impetus refers to a moving force. Sometimes I come across people and car clubs that give comradely the impetus to the family aspect of our car community. A group named positive force was the impetus for my writing of this article, positive influence and brotherhood are the key principles to creating a positive force in our community.


Specifically we are highlighting a particular member of positive force and that would be Sean and his 2011 Scion TC. Sean and I crossed paths at one of my meets and we hit it off and have been friends ever since. When I recently approached Sean with this idea of doing a feature shoot, he was more than ecstatic.


While planning out the details for this shoot, we realized that we live like five minutes apart from each other. So we decided on doing a sunrise shoot on a sunday morning. This early morning shoot was then followed by breakfast before we headed out to the streets of woodfield for a car meet.


The location I chose was down the street from me and is something I pass by all the time and say to myself... This would be a cool place to take some pictures. I've heard that the coolest/best pictures are taken were you are not supposed to be.


With most of the town still asleep at sunrise on a sunday morning, we rolled the dice and committed to this location despite any legal concerns. I heard something about being around the railroad is a federal offense, but this one is non operational so we proceeded onward with the photos.


While taking these photos, I like to converse and so I started to ask more questions to Sean about his car and his car club. His car is a 2011 Scion TC. Sean's TC, actually was the impetus for joining the car community and was not a  stock car for very long.


Having a co-worker who already was in the car club Positive Force, Sean saw his build and wanted to do something of his own to the scion. All the while, his co-worker would tease Sean about his chick car. So Sean knew he had to build something respectable. With the TC as the platform, Sean had a plan and a lot of work ahead of him.


Sooner rather than later, an AirForce suspension system was installed. With an AirLift P3 management system to control air levels, the ride height and comfort. I love hearing a car air out, it is something quite unique and fun! Sean knew he had to be on air to get the look he wanted.


The looks didn't stop with the air ride but next the exterior was enhanced by carbon fiber. The hood and fenders have been fitted with Seibon carbon fiber pieces. The vented hood and fenders add a subtle aggressive look to the exterior. Also a RS carbon fiber roof spoiler and rear spoiler keep the carbon theme consistent all around the TC.


Next, a set of Enkei T6s wheels, headers, full exhaust and intake made their way onto the car. All the while, Sean's co-worker started to take notice of his "chick car" and asked him if he would like to join a car club. This is where things got to be funny.


So Sean is now being recruited and was invited to his first club meet and greet. It went well but Sean didn't make it in initially on the spot. So a few more mods and a few more meetings with the club were had before Sean was officially accepted into Positive Force.


The most recent modifications were done to the interior. Wanting something that oozes class and sophistication, Sean opted for Autopreme floor mats and Clazzio seat covers. The diamond stitch pattern gives off a luxurious aura like a lifted pinky when drinking a cup of tea.


Sean was stoked that he finally made it into a legit car club. Positive Force is as legit as they come. Being around for the better part of a few decades, their builds range from mini trucks to lowriders to old school muscle to race cars. This is a very diverse but well executed group of builds.


After months of building, months of recruiting, ultimately lead to Sean getting in and then being asked if his brother wants in. No meet and greets or nothing, just; does your brother want in?

This made Sean envious of his brother in a playful manner because Sean just went through the ringer to get in and now they are just offering a spot to his brother. What Sean didn't realize right away was the fact that he was cool in their eyes and didn't need to "feel out" his brother.


All things considered, Sean is grateful for the journey he has been on with his TC and happy to be with a time tested car club. Even more ecstatic to be in it with his brother! We all have a force that drives us to accomplish our goals and fulfill our dreams. Sean's just so happened to be; at least for a brief moment in time; his Scion TC.








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