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Morpheus | Noy's Golf GTi


I have a thing for hatchbacks. I love the styling and versatility that a hatchback has to offer. The hatchback we have here in front of us today belongs to a good friend of mine named Noy. Noy's golf, since I've known him has been through a few changes. Different wheels, playful wraps and subtle things of this nature has been the extent of modifications... until now.


When I approached Noy about my interest in doing this feature shoot, he was more than ecstatic about the opportunity but, there was a catch. Noy's car would be undergoing a full color change wrap and will morph into something out of this world. It has been black for the time I've known it and Noy was very secretive to keep the color to himself until it was finished.


The whole week leading up to the shoot, playfully Noy would tease me about the color change. It was like, his dirty little secret and we all wanted to know the color. As much as I wanted to know the color, I felt honored that Noy selected me as the one to reveal his new color to.

I didn't mind the playful antics because I was more excited about seeing the  transformation and how Noy's golf morphed into something different over the course of a week.


Being my inquisitive self, I would pick at Noy for the entire week to get him to leak any information about the tricks up his sleeve. I managed to get him to tell me what company the wrap is from. KPMF premium wraps is responsible for the color change.


I took the time to check out their website and found myself entertained for a lengthy period of time with the colour selector. After a few wrong guesses of what the new color would be I gave up and just patiently waited for a scheduled shoot.

Like the Roman God Morpheus of sleep and dreams, I went to bed thinking about the color change and had vivid dreams about what color will Noy choose. The suspense was eating at me and I could tell that Noy was loving the hype build up around his big reveal.


The day finally came for our photoshoot and right as the start of the golden hour, I see a vibrant purple hatchback pull up. At first, the only thing I could keep my eyes on was the new color. I was shocked to see Noy go with purple, but I immediately fell head over heels for this new color.


The color would almost morph with the sun. In a slightly shaded area the color would get really deep in the purple color spectrum. In the sun the purple would get so rich like a dude on payday getting a bottle of crown royal. It was lit!


Once I was able to wrap my mind around the new color, I noticed Noy had a new set of wheels. His sponsors from Klutch Wheels hooked Noy up with their new SL5 wheels this season. I am a big fan of a five spoke wheel design and these klutch wheels look great.


The exterior is finished off with a rear carbon roof spoiler from Reiger. Also, the rear diffuser is a Reiger R piece as well. While the our inch exhaust tips help the APR stage two tune expel gases efficiently out the back end.

The interior is a little more subtle than the exterior is now. Only a few choice modifications were made. Like the Porsche GT2 replica seats. These seats hug the waistline and keep Noy planted during spirited driving situations. A nice screen to display engine vitals or play movies, finalize the interior's clean and simple execution.


Simply put, Noy had me on an anxious ride, had us all on a ride for a week while he kept his color a secret. Our photo session was really fun because he brought some friends with. The new color is something that you have to see in person to really get a sense of the depth and richness this purple has in the color spectrum.









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