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Star Gate | Han's TL


Have you ever met someone and thought you are only experiencing the tip of the iceberg in regards to their personality. That there maybe so much more under the surface that we don't see. With this feature shoot, I walked away seeing the similarities between this iceberg analogy.


From the surface, the exterior look of Han's TL is subtle, some might even say mundane. A few touches here and there like the front lip kit hint at what may or may not be going on.


The Avant Garde F420 wheels flow so well with the the TL's natural body lines that they add a touch of "Je Ne Sais Quoi" to the exterior.


Finishing off the exterior, the hood, roof and trunk have been wrapped in a brushed metal finish. Another subtle modification to the exterior. As the iceberg only shows so much of itself at the surface, let's dive right into the depths.


The interior has been extensively and tastefully modified. Which is what got me thinking about the iceberg analogy and how it related to me with my experience with Han's TL and Han's himself.


Our photo session was very pleasant and chill but I left thinking that there's got to be so much more to this guy. How his car is modified' with a lot of attention delegated to the interior made me think, I only hit the tip of the iceberg of Han's personality as well.


Enough blabbing about it, let's actually dive into the interior of this TL. First thing I noticed was the custom red diamond stitch seats. Along with the custom wrapped pillars and dash.



As we see there is a lot going on with the interior and I love how the red just pops and looks quite classy too. When sitting in the seats your feet rest on diamond stitching floor covers as well.


Looking up from our feet and out the sunroof; our eyes may get lost between what is real and what is fake. Han's made a custom headliner himself which took three days and sleeping on the couch to finish. All that dedication paid off because this headliner mimics the galaxy and is pretty trippy on the inside.


Fundamentally, we should never judge a book by its cover because in reality, it is only the tip of the iceberg. As the iceberg has a majority of it's mass unseen, same goes with Hans' TL and the extensive custom work done to his interior compared to the subtle touches that can bee seen on the exterior.









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