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Ivory Nyx | Eric's Genesis

Here we have a car that for whatever reason, isn't considered a go to application for tuners. Is it the stigmata of the Hyundai brand or are people just not up to speed with what this Korean brand has been doing for the past few years. Which is why I named this article Ivory Nyx.


Nyx is the greek goddess of the night and a child of Chaos. The owner of this Genesis and I meet a few years ago at a night event. Which became a trend because we only saw each other at night shows. Basically, since our first encounter we hit it off and became friends.


Seeing more of this car and the owner at night shows like the one out in rockford or our infamous Parking Garage Party, I got a good feel for what Eric was going for with this Hyundai build. Nyx being a child of chaos, I noticed how Eric was building something outside of the Korean box. This genesis isn't just all show but more so ready for the go go.


Let's start from the ground up with Eric's Genesis. For the street, a set of Hankook ventus v12 tires are wrapped around Enkei GTC01RR racing revolution wheels. For the track, Eric went goes with stickier tires in the form of Hoosier r7 to take advantage of the increased contact patch.


Wait... what?!? You're telling me that this hyundai see's track time? Yes, yes it does. Which is were the chaos comes into play. Eric enjoys driving his genesis and is always up for a spirited cruise. Most recently Eric got back from the tail of the dragon and shared with me how much fun that was.


For the longest, Eric was rocking a set of BC racing coilovers, which did a great job for what Eric wanted to get done. Pairing the coilovers with more suspension pieces like ISR control arms, 6-point under brace and adjustable camber kits really tightened up the chassis and handling characteristics of the hyundai. No more excessive body roll through the corners.


Being able to fly through the corners is only part of the battle. Being able to stop at high speeds is another part of the battle. Eric upgraded the braking systems completely, which starts with Brembo calipers matched up with stainless & braided steel brake lines. If you plan on tracking your car, stainless steel brake lines are a must. Followed by EBC dimpled and vented rotors and pads.


Now that Eric has gotten his car to feel planted and secure on the road, the next area to upgrade was the engine. An R2C intake feeds air into the v6, then the hot exhaust is channeled through ARK headers then into a Borla exhaust. BTR then performed and installed a stage 2 tune for the Genesis. Which bumped up the numbers but more so increased power throughout the powerband.


But then after an encounter with air ride, the coils were ditched and replaced with an Airlift 3P management system and bags. This was the start to life on air. After installing the the new widebody, Eric didn't want to damage his new wider look or always be in the position to fix front lips. Or be rolling around with a damaged front lip.


The widebody kit isn't a rocket bunny, just had to say that because everybody always ask if that's what it is. In fact, this is a Sequence Zero wide body kit. I personally love how the Genesis looks with the aggressive body lines of the kit. A Seibon carbon fiber hood, rear diffuser and trunk lid help reduce weight but also increase the overall styling.


More details and personal touches can be found throughout the car which can easily be overlooked. For instance, the headlights have been customized with retrofitted halo's, switchback strips, upgraded ballast and projectors. The custom logos seen in the engine bay and drivers cabin add to the personal touches.


The interior continues with the carbon theme. The center console has been adjourned in carbon. The steering wheel is also carbon fiber and is a Socal Garage piece. My favorite part of the interior has to be the rear seat delete. This is a custom one off piece from BTR and the finished product looks very well.


As we can see, this Hyundai Genesis isn't like any other Genesis. Which plays to the greek goddess Nyx persona. I feel like this Hyundai is ready to stir up some chaos in the night.











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