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Pursuit for Perfection | Nick's Civic Si


The pursuit for perfection isn't something that happens overnight. It is something that takes time, countless overtime, too many brown bag lunches like noodles in a cup to count and most importantly overall; it is a labor of love. The passion behind this Civic Si can be seen all the way down to every bolt.


Right off the bat, looking dead on at this civic as it mean mugs you back; we see a mugen RR front bumper. The aggressive front bumper is as functional as it is pretty. Then mated to the bumper is a Dev Sport front splitter which increases the downforce on the front end.


It's when we take a closer look that we can really see the pursuit for perfection on the front end. For example, the jewelled head lights, the paint matched fog lights all the way down to the front lip in between the splitter; those little LED lights.


Right from the start I can't help but notice all the little details. Then if we get a little closer to the front end we see the JDM plate secured by Downstar spike nuts. A sparco tow strap ever so elegantly finishes off the front end.


The amount of detail and effort simply amazed me. Every angle, everything has been thought out. Moving past the front end and we follow the body lines down the side of Nick's civic, I noticed more details.


Like how the Mugen type Fender flares flow seamlessly into the side skirts and allow more clearance for the AG wheels when it is time to air out. The side skirts are also paired with a set of Dev sport side units. These help keep the car stable and channel the airflow. Its like layers of detail on top of layers of detail.


The details keep going when we look at the wheels. The custom painted lips are just the start of what's been done to the wheel setup. Details like the gold hardware and a crown for a stem cap just go to show that no detail is to small.


I really love the custom center caps. It is these little custom details that go the extra mile that I really noticed. Plus it also pays respects to his car club. Make sure you like and follow NvUs Chicago on instagram to see more.


Making our way around the car we get to the rear end and see the layers of detail continue. The rear continues the mugen JDM theme with honda red badges and a mugen rear lip. A third brake light has been integrated into the rear lip as well.


A voltex rear wing handles the downforce duties and keeps the ass end planted. When I got a closer look of the big wing, I saw that even the hardware here has also been addressed. The closer I kept looking at the civic, the more details I kept seeing.


Like the Beaks rear lower tie bar poking out from under the rear lip had me fascinated. I wanted to learn more of Nick's Suspension set up. What has been upgraded has been the camber kits and tie bars. AirLift performance takes the harshness out of the ride and replaces it with a supple smooth driving experience.


Moving into the cabin were Nick enjoys the full effect his Civic Si has to offer. First thing I noticed were the recaro red seats. The recaro's are draped in a set of Braum harnesses for added protection and security. This combo keeps Nick's butt planted through any spirited driving situation.


The steering wheel is a classic choice and a choice of class. A nardi wood grain wheel mated to an NGR hub and quick release is a classic go to combo for honda heads. A timeless look that has been executed very well in this Civic Si.


From grabbing the wheel to banging gears. Hybrid racing was chosen in favor for their short shifter unit. Where a Downstar El Chapo shift knob is gripped inbetween Nicks hand when shifting slamming through the gears.


Speaking of slamming gears, let's make our way around to the engine and take a peek under the hood. A k20z3 is the heart and soul of this Civic Si. The layers of detail inside this engine bay is enough to write a novel.


Honda red is legendary and is front and center of the engine bay. The valve cover is just the first layer, once we peel back more layers and take a closer look; then we see the downstar spike hardware kit.



Downstar bolts and hardware can be seen throughout the engine bay. From the fenders to the hasport motor mounts and everywhere between. No bolt was left untouched.


With so many layers of detail on top of detail, Nick's Civic Si is the epitome of the pursuit for perfection. From his first mod being wheels and tires to where his Civic Si is now. It's hard to believe that it only took three short years and countless hours of overtime and too many brown bag lunches to admit; to get Nick's Civic Si the way it is today.

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