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Have you ever been in love...? Depending on who you ask, love can be annoying or love can be a beautiful thing. There's the short lived puppy love, which is all cuddles and kisses. Then there's that everlasting love, the type of love that can handle the trials and tribulations of a relationship. This type of love here with Ramon and his Volkswagen Golf R is a labor of love.

First, Ramon fell in love with the prestige and heritage of the Golf and what the "R" stands for. The original hot hatch is still the top contender in the hot hatch segment. The all-wheel drivetrain and turbocharged engine combination stole Ramon's heart. Soon thereafter he caught the tuner bug.

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The first modification happened to be to the computer. A stage 1 Unitronic tune bumped up the power numbers right away for Ramon. That love was short lived and the urge for more power soon came after. 

Every bolt on has been upgraded. The exhaust is a three inch unit from X-Force and has a bluetooth smart exhaust controller. I wonder what that does? The intake is a BSH true seal cold air unit and a nuespeed intercooler round out all the piping for the turbo needs.

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The sophistication of the golf R goes beyond the drivetrain and powerplant. The interior cabin is something out of an art exhibit. Yet, Ramon took the interior and elevated it to the next level. By adding a custom reclining racing seat that is also custom diamond stitched. 

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We see the diamond stitching theme executed throughout the cabin. Like, the custom fitted diamond floor coverings. It's tasteful mods like this that just add a touch more class to the interior. 

My personal favorite modifications of the interior is the ever so elegantly placed carbon fiber. Like the custom steering wheel made by TAW Chicago. The combination of carbon, texalium, and alacantara exudes excellence.The brilliant finish on the multiple material steering wheel is remarkable. 

Then we see little hidden trinkets like the custom diamond stitching inserts for the door. Or even the carbon fiber hand brake. It's like once Ramon got started he just couldn't stop himself. And so with each upgrade and modification the love for the Golf R grew.


Next we take a look at the footwork of the R. Some serious suspension in the form of Bilstein PSS110 fully adjustable coilovers paired with H&R Sway bars and also a few adjustable pieces handle any road condition with ease. 

The love of this Golf R is expressed also by the quality of parts chosen. For example, the floating 14' 2-piece slotted Prodigy Werks rotors teamed up with Prodigy Werks 6-piston calipers and Prodigy Werks high performance brake pads. Talk about stopping power! 

The Prodigy Brake kits sits eloquintly behind a new set of Konig Ampliform wheels. The 18x8.5 wheels are wrapped in firestone firehawk indy tires. The level of detail can only be explained with the love for the car.

At the time of this shoot, Ramon was telling me about all the exterior changes and setups his R has gone through. Main focus being the color of the car. The love for the car was always there and felt in the drivers seat, but sometimes he explained he gets bored of the color.

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For example, the car was a different color last year, then the graphics were added and now by the time you are reading this, the color of the R has changed yet again. Stay tuned for an update shoot of that complete with a video.

Not only is this R an excellent automobile but also a labor of love for Ramon. The love for quality parts, the love for a plush interior cabin and the love to makeover the exterior of the car almost yearly is the true testament of this man's love for his Volkswagen Golf R.

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