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Lately we have been receiving more emails from people across the U.S & North America, wanting to be featured on our website. Here is one email that stood out, not just for the uniqueness of the build but also for executing a theme all the down to the little details. Here is Jayson's story in his own words... Enjoy

Bevo was purchased in June 2013. When we got the car we had no intentions of making it a show car. When I say "we" i am referring to our family. BEVO is 100% a Family Build. At first we just pulled off a few interior trim pieces and painted them orange. Next the Badges were painted orange. Why Orange? Well we are DIE HARD Texas Longhorns Fans. We then added (2)12 inch Kicker subwoofers and 1500 watt Hyphonics amp. We began to think we had a pretty cool looking car.

One day as we were driving into our neighborhood we were followed by another car. The car stopped in front of our house and the guy asked if we were in a car club. We had really no idea what he was talking about. He told us this club was meeting that Saturday and invited us to come check it out.

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On Saturday we shined up the car and headed out to the place they were meeting. There were other Scion XBs there. When we approached them they weren’t very friendly. At first they even ignored us. When the "president" arrived they all started talking about getting some frozen yogurt. They showed us their cars, telling us how much $$$ they spend. The president told us how he didn't "show" anymore and how he didn’t like showing. Then they decided it was time to eat. We decided not to go with them and to leave.

Feeling like maybe this "car club" thing wasn’t for us. The idea that it was Friendly and Family orientated was FALSE. They didn’t even look at our car but made us feel like it was nothing.

After this encounter we began looking on forums and started talking to some other Scion drivers. We saw pics of other cars and all the mods they had done. We became very interested in what we could do to our car.

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We met another Scion driver locally and he started telling us about car shows. We attended our first show in May 2014. Of course we did not receive any award but it did ignite a fire to "Up Our Game"

We began pulling more pieces out and painting them orange. Adding orange windshield wipers. We bought new orange rims and low profile tires. We pulled out the ugly grey headliner and covered it with a black micro suede.

We went to our second show at a local high school where we received a top 25 merchant award.

Now we were hooked! In 2014 we attended 18 shows receiving 14 awards. Best of Show, Best Import, Best Display, 1st Place Import SUV just to mention a few.

We ended the show season on a positive note by the end of October. It was during this off season that we began to pick up sponsors. Just emailing various companies with products we already used or products we were interested in using. Telling them our story and being open and honest. This is a family build. we do it together as a team. Our 14 year old daughter turns wrenches on the car, as well as removing lug nuts and rims and tires. She is also pretty good with a torque wrench.

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Over the winter we decided to change things up! This then became the beginning of TEAM BEVO. Designing a custom radical vinyl wrap. Added LED lighting both inside and outside the car. New halo and Demon eye headlight accents by LED Concepts. Cool spiked lug nuts. We designed a custom front diffuser and had it cut here in Bakersfield, it is one of a kind. We also recovered the headliner with black micro suede but this time we added 3D longhorns logos into the headliner. We covered the rear hatch panel and 4 door panel inserts to match. We added Focal rims by Ultra Wheel 422BM F-007 Gloss Black with Milled accents on low profile 225 4018 tires. Hydro-dipped engine parts such as valve cover, fuse box cover, radiator tank. We like to pay attention to the details.

We began the 2015 car show season in early April, bringing home Best Display award. 2015 has proved to be a very rewarding year for Team BEVO, 24 shows and over 28 awards including Best Display, Best Import, Best Scion and 5 Best of Shows. BEVO was also chosen to be featured in the BEST OF SHOW MAGAZINE, where we are looking forward to reppin.

Team BEVO is also a big believer in "paying forward". During a trunk or treat event Team BEVO gave away 1 boys bike and 1 girls bike to children participating in the event. We are looking into other events and charities to partner with in the coming year and hope to do more in our community.

Its no secret that Team BEVO has its "Haters", but that doesn’t discourage us. If anything it makes us stronger and want to strive harder to accomplish our personal goals. The number ONE thing is we are a FAMILY. We stick together, we work together, we show together. There’s no "Hater" that could ever ruin that.

To reflect on the our short show car career (only 2 short years) we think it has been a success so far. We have made lots of new friends and fans. We are always thinking of new ideas and changes that we may want to make in the future. But for now we will continue going to shows, meeting new people, having FUN as a FAMILY!

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Special thanks to Team BEVO TEAM ---> Jason McElroy, Heather McElroy, Hannah McElroy, Jason "TINY" Anglen, Garrett "TANK" Anglen Josh "BUCK" Lee, Andrew "GOOFY" Mendez, Alex "PANDA" Garza.

Awards for 2014

South High School 1st Annual Car show

 *Merchant Choice

CMI North v. South

 *Best Scion

Mad Bomberz

 *2nd place Import

Summer Madness

 *1st place xb, pt, hhr

Philippine Weekend Street Fair

 * Best of Show

Philippine Weekend Whips, Chicks, Kicks

 * Best ICE

Kern Christian Center/ America's Finest 3rd Annual Show and Shine

 *3rd Place SUV

NVuS 1st Annual Back to School

 * Best interior

Lindsey's Finest

 * Best Mini SUV

4th Annual Maxx Limit Cars and Burgers car show

 *1st place import

Small Town Cruisers

 *Merchant Award

Import Face Off

 *Best Display

Friends with Seniors Car Show

 *1st place '80s and newer

Rock out to Knock Out RSD

 * Best Late Model

Awards for 2015



Aztec Image     

  *1st place Full Custom Scion

Best of Show    

  *1st place Full Custom Scion

Shake Rattle and Roll  


South High Car Show        

  *Principle Choice BEST OF SHOW

High Desert Super Show  

  *1st Place Full Custom



Lowrider Nationals  

  *3rd place Full Custom SUV, Mini Truck

Fun Under the Sun

  *1st Place Import

NVuS Back to School Event  


3rd Annual Street Fair   

  *Vice Ryder's Choice

Pep BOYS Car Show  



T-Town Rumble  

  *Impressive Import


  *Top 40

inVasion Car Show

  *Best Display

  *1st place Scion

Import Face Off     

  *Best Scion

  *Best Display

Feed my Sheep Car Show   

  *Pastor Choice  Best of Show

Full Effect Car Show   

  *Lady's Choice  Best of Show

Pats Inaugural Show n Shine   

  *Best of Show

Valley Fever  

  *1st place Scion

Extreme Dimension    

  *Best Display

So Cal Riders     

  *1st place Scion

Thunder on the Lot   

  *Best of Show

Red List Series    

  *Best Import

Chingon Car Show    

  *Best of Show

Awards 2016

Fresno Grizzlies Memorial Weekend Car Show

  *Top 50 Award

Dinuba Cars in the Park

  *Best Stereo Setup

  *2nd place 4 door Import

Parish Pride Downtown Car Show

   *1st place Mini SUV Full Custom

Thunder on the Lot

   * Best Scion

Extreme Autofest

  *1st Place Scion xB

Lowrider California Super Show

  *1st place Compact SUV Semi Custom

Chingon Car Show

Team BEVO Sponsor List for 2018

JS Alts
Hose Candy
Bakersfield Custom Signs
CA Gear Custom Apparel
Dev Sport
The Rag Company
Odyssey Battery
MGP Calliper Cover
Lane's Car Care Products
Bakersfield Upholstery
Courts and Greens
Show Car Pro
CQuence Performance Brake 
Wonder Wafers
Visual Impact Promotions
Real Skin Tire Cover
Metra Electronics
Carbon Trends
Outrageous Lighting
Non-Stop Kreations
Robert Wong

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