Tomís Nissan 1992 240sx


4:20... Errrr, err, err… the dreaded alarm goes off, time to go have some fun and bout time Tom gets off work. Tom works nights somewhere doing something, and that is all u need to know, so we planned on meeting up at goose island in the early morning hours after his shift. This was beneficial for a number of reasons, the sunrise, less congestion, traffic and cops to worry bout or mess with us. I got to Goose Island a few minutes before Tom to setup and to get some video shots of the bridge and other miscellaneous footage.

Only a few curious employees from a Mercedes dealer wanted to know what was going on and what make the car. At one,  point while I was taking pictures and Tom was busy in my car filling out the SDL questionnaire, an employee enjoying his morning smoke spotted a coyote running across the street. I had to stop and snap a pic of it. Crazy seeing a coyote in the city, but the Mercedes guys said that the animal control has come out before to round some up.

Tom chose his 240 because it was something his older brother got him into, his older brother also has a Nissan 240.. Snapbacks and tattoos are very hot, but round here it is more like cat backs and coilovers, the first modifications done to tom’s 240. He enjoyed his practical setup on a daily. Cruising around to shows and meets with his friends. Slowly upgrade lil things here and there. Then the time came that most enthusiast dread… blowing up your motor.

For some, a problem is only opportunity. So Tom worked his butt off, and now a low mileage Nissan Silvia S15 spec R motor rests in the engine bay. Seeing nothing but HKS goodies all over, bolted to the jdm motor. The turbo manifold, intercooler kit, intake, and wastegate all HKS signature power proven parts and its mated to a 5-speed tranny fitted with a stage 3 spec clutch and a competition lightweight flywheel helps to get all the jdm power to the ground.

A set of coilovers from isis has this 240 low and firmly to the ground. Since the shoot, Tom has swapped the isis coilovers in favor for a set from tein. An aggressive staggered setup with 9.5in front and 10.5in rear Enkie rpf1’s set the tone for the exterior. Only oem aerodynamics, lil fender work and a fresh paint job giving this 240 a subtle and pure look to it. Tucked behind the 17x9.5 front rims are a set of Wilwood brakes, and a pair of S14 front seats lend a hand to Tom securing him during spirited driving sessions.

The simplicity of of tom’s overall build is what attracted me to his car, and upon closer inspection it only got better. From the feel of the fresh paint job, to the 10.5in Enkei wheels poking’ out, and a jdm motor packed with hks goodies. It hit all the marks of a well built Nissan. Most of all, tom drives his car, enjoys his car, takes care of his car and continues to modify his car.


Tom Ption
Chicago, il
1992 Nissan 240

Your favorite websites? Magazines?
Zilvia.net / thenismoshop.com / dsport / super street / modified mag

What’s playing through the speaker/headphones?
A little bit of everything , house, rap a lot of alternative, and 80’s

Favorite moment with car/bike?
When out on a nice cruise with my crew..


2002 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R
HKS Intercooler kit
HKS intake
HKS adjustable wastegate set to 12 psi
Hks turbo mani & elbow
Hks downpipe
Circuit sport test pipe
Apexi N1 catback

-drive train-
Converted to a 5 speed stage 3 Spec clutch Competition light weight flywheel
180sx VLSD 1pc drive shaft from The Drive Shaft Shop

-engine management-
Stock ecu

ISIS coilovers. (in next 2 months getting TEIN FLEX )

SPC adjustible suspension links

Front: 4 piston Willwood Big brake kit with 13inch 350z track rotor.
Rear: Stock caliper with a (bigger) Nissan maxima rotor

-wheels & tires-
Enkei RPF1’s F1 silver
Front: 17x9.5 18 offset 245 45 17
Rear: 18x 10.5 15 offset 285 30 18

OEM aero just freshly repainted to black Front lip off of a 95 jetta

1998 S14 front seats Dmax checkered floor mats, tomei shift knob, Hks turbo timer and auto meter oil and boost gauge,
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