Snowball Fight - Two Civic Eg's

A while back I encountered these two Honda Eg Hatchback's at our Sunday Morning Fitment Meet when the pair rolled in together bright and early. I immediately  grabbed my camera and headed over to say hello to the owners.

With all honesty, I am not the best with names but I do remember the story they told me about these two eg's and how far these builds have come.

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What these Honda's were particularly built for was the track. Where one is a bit more time attack and the other a bit more osaka, kanjo, street style. The pure joy of driving at the limit is the endgame for both.

I being a honda head, rejoiced when these two rolled in. The time attack inspired civic is pretty legit. Full aero on the front end followed by widened fenders that lead us to the PCI side skirts which climaxes with a chassis mounted wing and a rear diffuser to finish the rear end off. 

The 949's are wrapped in sticky rubber and are also hiding a wilwood front brake set up. 

Where more similarities lie, the interiors have been stripped and gutted. Both rocking an s2000 cluster and both rocking different seats.

A simple Bride seat for the time attack civic and a race spec Sparco in the street style civic. 

The kanjo esq' inspired street civic is more of my style. A simple front lip splitter on the front end and a legit rare wing on the back.

This wing to be specific is a Live sports spoiler which I haven't seen in person on a civic until now. I like how it looks and exaggerates the rear end.

Where these civic's like to come alive and rip some tech is at the circuit. Both have been frequenters of our favorite event called Gridlife. With that being said, I can't wait to hear these guys rip some tech at Gridlife 2k18.

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