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I seen on social media the other day my buddy Shane make a post about changing the color of his Del Sol. I immediately hit him up and was like.... Let's get a shoot done before you change the color. And so, here we are. If you are unfamiliar with  Shane, Shane is the owner of Stay ILL and he has had this del sol in his life for sometime now.Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Throughout its lifespan the sol has seen a few forms. With each transformation the sol evolved into something more every time. Like Cell or Majin Boo from DragonBall Z/GT reaching their final form. This process of evolution is one of maturity and the sol has gone from rice to nice. Pushing the boundaries of what the masses think should be done for a honda is what stands out to me and is what garners my attention.

Let's start from the ground up. That would be the wheels. Shane just had these rebuilt and we did an exclusive feature on them. So I'll be brief in describing the rims and tires. What Shane had done was, rebarrel a set of authentic BBS RS's to 16x11 with a 5in lip. The finishing touch was to choose a color for the custom powder coat process provided by Final Automotive Finishes. All safely wrapped in a set of Falken Azenis tires.

How does one get a 16x11 wheel to fit inside a Honda wheel well? With a lot of custom body work is the answer and luckily for Shane, working at a body shop eased the process. Starting from the front with the obvious civic front end swap but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just passed the custom engraved headlights built by Evolution AutoWerks lie the front fenders. Hours were spent cutting and  shaping till room was made and everything was sure to fit.

The same meticulous precision carried over to the rear. The rear involved a bit more work though, a bit more cutting, a bit more shaping and extending the rear bumper, a bit more of everything. Not to mention running all the lines and setting up the airlift suspension. A lot of hours went into and continue to go into this del sol.DJI Mavic Pro - Smart, Powerful, Portable

From the body we move to the propulsion of this del sol. Underneath the hood rest a Vtec Turbo Motor. Fully built and tuned by ILL Garage, an AEM ECU control all the functions. The precision turbo is on a break in tune for the time being while the fresh motor gets a few more miles under the oil pan. It made somewhere near 360whp on 8-10psi. There is definitely room to grow with those number as Shane and ILL Garage work on dialing the tune in.

Shane is conjuring up a color that will make its way onto the body over the winter. What will it be? How far will he dare to go? I know but I won't tell you. You will have to wait and see. For now, enjoy the timeless body lines of a 90's honda that have been accentuated, finessed and molded. I also like how the stretched jdm bumper and Top1 rear diffuser compliment the custom rear fender giving it all a flawless finish.

Fully Built GS-R motor swap
@wisecopistoninc Pistons
- Scat Rods
@supertechperformance Forged valve train
- GSC T1 cams
-TypeR cam gears
- 9:2:1 compression
@skunk2racing Pro Series intake mani
-Skunk2 74mm throttle body
@precisionturbo 6262 dual ball bearing turbo
@sheepeybuilt top mount turbo manifold
-Sheepey Built custom bumper exit downpipe and tear drop exhaust tip
@mishimoto black front mount intercooler
-Turbo Smart 44mm wastegate
@hks_usa super sequential 4 bov
-iLL Garage x Stay iLL custom oil catch can
@injectordynamics 1000cc fuel injectors
@mpcmotorsport mass flow fuel rail
- Walboro 450 fuel pump
-GM Flex Fuel Sensor -B18b1 built transmission swap
@competitionclutch Stage 5 clutch & flywheel
@wavetrac_differentials limited slip differential
@aemelectronics series 2 Management System with coil on plug kit/distribute delete
-Tuned on 93 Octane and soon to be tuned on e85 by @illgarage

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