Railin' Box

To each his own, I've heard often said over the years. The car community couldn't epitomize that saying any better. Where, in the age of bolt on fender flares, air ride and ridiculous offset & camber combo's seems to be the requisite for a feature or the recipe to get insta-famous. The day when people actually built their own cars in their own garage are few and far between.

Here before us we have a prime example of a garage build. Built by dedication, blood, sweat & tears, this scion XB is truly like no other. What started as a stock xb, the owner Oz had a vision for the unassuming commuter and soon he would embark on a journey that would change both of them forever.

First off, look how low this XB sits, look at the body and how tucked the wheels are. How did Oz do this? The inspiration and techniques used to accomplish this were influenced by the mini truck and low rider scene. Taking fabrication tips from these cultures, some of the techniques had to be adopted since dealing with a unibody.

For example, the floor was completely cut out and raised 3in's to accommodate the body drop. The wheel wells were also cut and custom fabricated, which meant the gas filler was relocated to the trunk. This retro mod struck me when we stopped for gas on the way to breakfast after the shoot. I thought to myself "Now that's old school".

The fenders, front facia, rear end, everything has been custom fabricated with sheet metal. This labor of love for Oz has turned into the world's lowest scion XB and countless "what the f*ck is that" comments.

The interior will leave you scratching your head as well. We can see the mini truck/ lowrider influence continue, with the use of a bench seat. Which came from an old toyota pickup truck and was repurposed. Surprisingly, it fit like a glove inside the cabin of the XB. The rear seats have been removed, in favor of a wood panel set up that leads to the trunk. Where the the subs and compressor reside.

Now that we know the level of customization, detail and time that has gone into this scion, is there any wonder left why this scion would not be accepted into any show? Yea, that's right. Oz had shared with me that there were a few shows this year that didn't accept his ride.

Maybe it's not what's "in" or trending at the moment. Maybe it just didn't fit the taste of the show organizers or maybe they just didn't understand it. Either way you want to split the bean, the fact remains that Oz built this Scion because he had a vision in his head. An itch that needed to be scratched if you will, but he built it for himself not anybody else.

I'll leave you all with this final thought. You don't need the most expensive part, you just need to believe in yourself. Don't listen or worry about what people think or say about what your passionate about. Keep doing you and the rest will fall into place, if you keep working hard for it. Thank you very much & Enjoy the Video!!!

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