High Society- Import VS Muscle

The age old battle between Imports and domestics has been going on since the birth of the automobile. For instance, a 4banger vs a V8, we like to think we know who is going to win but in reality, we can never be too sure. We are accustomed to the underdog stories of honda's against mustangs or Evo's against corvette's.

With this story though, we visit the upper echelon of, the pinnacle of, the escargot of import vs domestic tales. In the realm of high society, the debate of import vs muscle is like that of most. The difference is in the contenders being discussed in these friendly debates. In this case, The Viper GTS and The Porsche GT3 to be specific.

The Viper is like a powerhouse football team that will smash the ball down your throat all the way down the field. The V10 is one of the biggest to ever fit under th hood of any production car and has enough torque to do burnouts for days. Which we did do some burnouts by the end of the day.

Where the Porsche is like a west coast offense, ready to use finesse and speed to move the ball down the field. The flat six produces roughly 450 all motor horsepower and revs all the way up to 9k rpm. Which is significantly less than the viper but the porsche makes up for this with it's cornering speeds.

It's these type of attributes in a matchup that makes for a very interesting battle. Now the viper makes more power but the porsche is so much more nimbler. So it's safe to say the viper will win in a straight line and the porsche will walk around the viper on a circuit track. In theory...

This viper is equipped with a set of aftermarket headers and wheels. Which the wheels needed a new set of tires after this photoshoot. Let's just say we used all the torque's the V10 has to offer. Watch the video to see exactly what I am talking about. It's pretty lit!

The porsche gt3's exhaust has been upgraded to a full titanium unit. This frees up some horsepower and closes the gap to the Vipers power level, plus it saves on some weight. Most importantly, the sound of this exhaust is so pure, it sounded like something straight out of F1 racing. Literally this porsche gave me chills because of how good this exhaust sounds.

Out of these two super cars, I found myself drawn to the GT3 more than the Viper. The owner compared the porsche gt3 to an s2000. Saying " It's like an s2000 on steroids." All the power on tap throughout the whole 9k rpm range, with no waiting on a turbo to spool and having more than enough nimbleness to efficiently go around corners with ease. Not to mention all the creature comforts that come with the luxury brand. All these things plus the exhaust note left me smitten.

I really can't thank the owners of these beautiful machines enough for an amazing day. Thank you for letting me in their home and feeding me and my camera car driver till we couldn't eat anymore. This trio of brother's, I met years ago and despite the wives and babies life has thrown at us, we've managed to remain friends for a few years now. Which made for a really cool day with friends.

Check out the double feature video we did of these two and be sure to visit our youtube channel to see more videos of these brother's past vehicles we've shot, like their turbo 944, turbo 911, one bad M5 and a pull in a Lamborghini.


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