Endless Nights

Now that the weather; for the most part has warmed up. Chicago petrolheads are hungry like a bear waking from hibernation in search of some highway pulls. So when I got the phone call from my boy, saying that tonight we're going out for a cruise. I made sure my batteries where charged and checked over my gear before heading to his house.

My chariot for the night is one of our latest feature "Paradigm", a story about the journey it took to build this beast of a SRT8 Jeep. From his house in the city, we made our way south to meet with the rest of the crew. During the cruise over, we noticed that there were a few cops on the road still and it was getting late as it is.

Upon arriving at the meet up spot, we shared the trooper info with the rest. The decision was made to take our time before heading out to the highway. To pass the time, some went to get gas, some went to get food, and others stood in the parking lot and conversed.

After some time had passed, it was time to start the engine's. A convoy of about 10-15 cars made their way to the highway for a couple of pulls. My adrenaline went from 0 to 100 real quick by the immense amount of G-forces that the initial surge of power generates as your thrown into your seat by the Hemi power.

For those that still want to doubt this SRT8, here is a great example of how fast this Jeep really is. This is a clip from IFO, and was arguably the best race of the day voted by the fans. The Jeep is pitted up against a fully gutted and prepped track car of a turbo Honda civic. Enough talking and watch this Jeep do WORK!!!

Click the pic to see the full feature of this Jeep SRT 8 

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