Stay ILL S4 Front Bumper Install

Out with the old and in with the new. The new front facia is from Audi's marque  premium body styling outfit called Caractere. The belgian based company specializes in volkswagen and audi styling accessories.

The new facelift embodies everything Shane wants as the outcome for his audi build. A blend of performance, quality and design is the results from a top manufacturer like Caractere. The fitment and material is among the best and Shane can sleep well at night knowing he has purchased a premium product.

With the bumpers being sorted, the old one being taken off and the new one being prepped. The paint gun was the next up for duty and it was time to step up to the plate. The Phantom black metallic paint found on the S8 simply is luxurious. Like dining on the rooftops of chicago's finest restaurants enjoying the skyline, it will leave one speechless.

A quick test fit to sort out any imperfections before going into the paint booth. No hiccups with the fitment and now satisfied with the install, it is time to paint the bumper.

A quick spray and bake session for the audi leads the bumper onto its next step. Wet sanding, clear coat and another bake session.

With every light now connected and every bumper clip securely in place, Shane couldn't be happier. The fitment of Caractere bumper is like OEM but with more of an aggressive profile.

Now Shane has a few carbon pieces yet to be installed. Which in the midst of Chicago's winter may be wise. We will follow Shane's build as it comes to fruition. Next up we will go over the wheel and tire package. While you are reading this, an air bag setup is being shipped for Shane's audi. Stay tuned as there is more to come.


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