Hectors Bagged is350

I first seen this bagged is350 at our Parking Garage Party and would continue to see this lexus pop up in my news feed throughout the year. Funny how car guys know each other by what car they drive first.

At our more personal and chill Sunday Morning Fitment meet, I got to put a face to the car and say what's up to the owner Hector. I admired his car from afar for some time now so it was nice to actually see it in person and thanked him for coming out. He took home our award of excellence on that day.

Also, that day is the beginning of when I started to get to know Hector. Hector runs the Lexus IS car club which expands over a few states. Having Vice Presidents run the other states, Hector takes care of the midwest. Chicago being home base, so be sure to follow Lex_is_chicago on instagram for all things lexus. From cruises to charity drives this car club doesn't miss a beat.

Hector has owned his IS350 for the past two years. Always a fan since childhood of a four door sporty sedan, Hector choose this platform because he loved the way a lexus/toyota would look when fixed up a little bit. Like how a fresh cut and new outfit makes you feel on a friday night. It doesn't take much to stand out and feel good. It's taking the first step and deciding to modify a new vehicle that can be the hardest though.

No stranger to fear, Hector ditched the stock suspension in favor for a set of Function & Form type II coilovers. At first, this static setup sufficed until the want to go lower took over. Like a deer in headlights, Hector jumped right into his first air set up before reaching out to his network for knowledge. The result being Truhart bags and a Veraair Management system.

For his fellow crew members on air, it was to no surprise when Hector ran into some complications with his management. Luckily a friend in his network, had a V2 airlift management system laying around. A paypal exchange later and the new management system was installed. Since the swap, not an issue has occurred with Hectors ride quality. Like Carlos Santana playing the guitar, the ride is smooth.

With all the bugs fixed in the suspension, Hector is pushing the whip on the daily. With a small plan set in motion on switching up the wheels to a more aggressive sizing and giving the Is350 a bit of a face lift. Until the makeover, Hector plans on enjoying every bump on the road along the way.

I just want to thank Hector again for meeting me very early on a very cold sunday morning in the city for this shoot. Enjoy the full feature video below and thank you.

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