My good friend and partner in crime Shane ( the founder of So ILL) just picked up a new daily. A 2012 Audi B8 S4 with a few goodies equipped on it already. Months of searching the internet led Shane to this S4 located in New Jersey. Getting the car back to Chicago from New Jersey during the winter, not so simple but that responsibility was left to the delivery company. The amount of legit modifications on this S4 made the decision easy for Shane to commit to this euro temptation.

While waiting for the delivery, Shane couldn't help but go over the parts the car had and how that would translate to the feeling for when his foot hits the gas pedal. An APR stage 2 tune with upgraded pulley along with a CTS intake and full Borla exhaust bump the power numbers substantially. Putting the power to the ground is a stage 2 clutch and flywheel combo that compliments the 6 speed quite nicely.

Once the car arrived, the urge to hoon became more prevalent as the daily duties matured into more and more mundane activities. So when the first snowfall came, Shane hit me up and we wasted no time. This video is the result of that snow day.

Now what sparked this transformation from daily to show worthy daily you ask? Over the holidays Shane was spinning at a concert. When he was done with his set and came out to his car to go home, that's when he noticed it. He shined his camera light onto the body to reveal one hell of a scratch. Scratches from the front all the way to the back were left on the Audi. By people walking to close or a car door opening, we don't know how the damage happened but Shane had a plan. A plan to be put in motion.

Distraught but not defeated, Shane took this as an opportunity to do a makeover. A painter as a side profession, his audi is soon to be forever changed. A Character front bumper, Seibon carbon fiber hood, ECS carbon mirrors, rear diffuser and trunk lid where all ordered.

With new parts coming for the body, Shane also wanted a new color for the body. Phantom Black Metallic paint found on the audi S8's is the new color Shane decided on.

The next thing to do was to get the car to the shop and start sanding. Shane sanded the whole car down while fixing a few dents, scratches and a ton of rock chips. Then Shane sprayed sealer and the base coat, followed by baking it for a few hours.

After letting it dry, the next step was to wet sand the whole car and fix any imperfections in the sealer. After that it was base coated again followed by a thick 2:1 show car clear coat. Then once again the audi was wet sanded with 1500 grit sandpaper until it was smooth as glass.

Next, the whole car was buffed and polished. Lastly, Shane did a brief test with the newly acquired bumper and made a few necessary modification so that the bumper can fit like a glove.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Shane's S4 build. We will look into the install of the body pieces and a glimpse of the wheel and tire package.

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