Asian Invasion-Philippine Trip

As we continue on with Ron's Filipino adventure, we left off with Ron traveling to the mountains to visit more family. Just so happens that there is also a car event going on in the mountains at the same time. Ron heard about this during his night street racing. Wait no longer for more cars, more culture, and more pics of Ron's Asian Invasion Filipino journey.

Waking up from time to time, Ron managed to grab some shots of the countryside. Before getting to the mountains there are miles of rice patties to go through first. Rice is a staple in the Filipino diet and many who choose to live out of the cities are rice farmers. The beauty in the land alone is enough to support the agricultural system.

A stop to refuel was made in a town on the way to the mountains. Despite the dense traffic the line to refuel was orderly and quick. Also a quick lunch was on the agenda.

A beautiful piece of bbq'd curry chicken and rice with a squeeze of lime and chili peppers to eat at your own caution. From the rice patties to the plate, rice is a big part of the culture.

After lunch, a quick stroll through this town's market was in store. Before heading out Ron stumbled across a small boutique. Inside were walls of goodies like the wall of steering wheels seen here.

This time leaving the city though Ron was not so lucky and got caught in the lunch hour rush. Like the line at the DMV, sh*t was not moving.

More driving and another nap later, Ron woke up in the clouds and the mountains as his view. A quick freshen up before dinner with the family and an early night to bed because the car show is tomorrow.

Pulling up to the mountain town and on his family's street where a pair of toyota's. A scion xb and what looks like a newer corolla both sporting a lowered stance and wheel combo.

An incredible dinner of Fried garlic crab put Ron in a food coma and right to sleep. For when Ron wakes up in the morning, he has a big day at the car show to experience. Knowing Ron, he will wake up with excitement before his alarm.

Waking up to gorgeous weather, the day was shaping up to be a good time. The location of the event was at the days hotel which is right on the mountain side. Let's check out Ron's time at the car show.

Very scenic almost euphoric location. A car show in the clouds, I know Ron was in heaven. What Ron kept noticing are the amount of clean 90's models. From evo's, sentra's and the ever so popular civic.

Plenty of vendors on hand selling T Shirts and stickers. Ron, just like the next gear head loves his automotive T-shirts. While looking at which shirt to buy, Ron got to meet the guys at NUFFSAID.

Ron said that they were a cool crew and helped put on a fun memorable event.

Back to the car show or I mean truck show. Well it didn't matter because all enthusiast were welcome. I think that inclusiveness is essential in creating a melting pot of an automotive event.

From trucks to trunks, the judges had their work cut out for them.

Sorry streets closed pizza boy... The lots were all filled up to the brim and the show went on without a hiccup.

Here is a clip ron sent me from his from phone of the car show.

The mountain altitude along with all the walking took a toll on my friend Ron. So after a light nutritious dinner, ron was out like a light.


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