Asian Invasion-Philippine Trip

So let's just pick up right where we left off. On the last adventure Ron found the auto market which lead him to some car spotting. In turn, that lead Ron to coming across a few street built cars near the mechanic shops. Which then influenced Ron to ask his cousin's more about the street racing scene. This ultimately leads up to Ron's quest to find "Mexico" aka the street races. Let's take a look into his night out in the streets.

Chauffeur duties were taken care of by a honda civic. The mass produced grocery getter/ gas saver is one of the most popular choices when it comes to modifying. The civic is inexpensive along with a strong aftermarket support, these little economy vehicles can go pretty fast for not a lot of money.

This civic is on an atkins diet plan. As you can see it's rocking the no rear bumper look which is complimented by the volk racing OG TE37 wheels. Of course suspension taken care by a set of unnamed coilovers. All of these modification are  done so that this family sedan can rev freely when racing around town.

As you can hear from the video, vtec kicks in hard and that this civic is no slouch. Ron has been telling me that the culture is no stranger to the night life. Being a lot of companies cater to the west, many jobs and restaurants are open very late.

After a long night at the street races, a nutritious breakfast is a must. For Ron has yet another journey in front of him to accomplish, visiting more family. Before leaving the city though, one more stop to the markets is first on the list.

Driving past the muffler and bash bar shop to scope out some more area's of the market. Some automotive T shirts and comic con type stuff are on Ron's list of things to grab before heading out to do more family activities.

While leaving the city Ron spotted this Mitsubishi crawling it's way through stop and go traffic. The traffic can be rough like i90 by cumberland during rush hour but the people are used to the congestion and know how to drive accordingly.

Soon after escaping the suffocating confines of the concrete jungle, Ron found himself cruising on the highway with the wind blowing through his hair. Creeping up on him while he was starting to nod off was this gem of a classic jdm. A toyota on its way to a new home, the genuine joy it brings Ron seeing a classic jdm is like opening a present early on xmas.

Nothing but open road ahead and traffic getting more sporadic, the excitement from shopping and street racing all night started to catch up. With the view of the philippine countryside, Ron's eyes began to feel heavy. As Ron falls asleep on the way to see more family we conclude this saga of the Asian Invasion.

I hope you guys are enjoying Ron's adventure of his journey to the philippines as much as I have. Technology made communicating with my friend who is half way around the world a breeze. Facebook messenger in particular is our method and Ron has sent me some clips off his phone of his journey as well. So why not make a video. Enjoy and share with others.


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