Paradigm - A Jeep SRT8 Story

A paradigm is an example or pattern, a set of forms containing the same element.  The common element being the jeep and for the length of time I've known Victor, his Jeep has seen a few forms. From stock to not, his build is a journey full of ups and downs that add up to a unique experience.

What started out life as a stock SRT-8, the need for speed quickly got a hold of Victor. Like a fat kid who loves cake, and soon thereafter bolt on upgrades with a hefty shot of NOS were installed. This was the first form of the jeep and when I first met Victor.

Plenty of nights cruising the city and countless dig races later, the motor was still holding up strong. Until, a copious amount of NOS proved to be too much for the Hemi motor to handle, which in turn led to catastrophic failure.  

You can catch a dig race with this jeep when it was just on NOS against a corvette in our IMPULSE video.

While most would hang their head and give up or move on to another project. Victor stuck with the HEMI and with the goal for more power; its final form would be realized in a few short months. Now with a built motor and a procharger to boost performance, this SRT8 is a heavy hitter and contender on the streets. What took the better part of last year to complete, the jeep is now ready.

Capable of making over 1000hp, it is tuned for driveability and reliability on the street. The computer is set anywhere from the 800hp to 900hp for daily driving. Still that is plenty of power and I can ates that this thing sounds like a tank coming down the road. Summer 2k17 looks to be shaping up for some serious action.

The details of the build I'd like to keep a secret. You'll just have to catch this beast of a jeep on the street.

Here is a little video of Victor's jeep for you to enjoy.

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