DTM meets JDM

When german engineering and a japanese bullet proof engine meet, we have something just short of insanity or is it beauty..?..?.. depends on how you look at it. What we have here is a mercedes benz E-class sedan chassis and a 1jz toyota supra motor. Both legends on their own and now uniquely a unicorn when put together. I came across this majestic beast toward the end of the season at the Odd Ones Cancer Sucks meet.

The mercedes 190E gained its iconic status from the DTM racing series back in the late 80's after a long hiatus from motorsports. The 190E was mercedes response to the need for a smaller sportier sedan in their line up. Only 500 were ever produced of their race road legal version, the 190e 2.5. That car dominated the early 90's DTM race series 

Ahead of its time, the 190e came equipped with ABS, air bags, ride leveling control suspension. What was once a mercedes pristine interior has been tastefully modified. In place, shows the bare essential gauges and electronics for vital engine performance. An updated stereo, a steering wheel and bride seats to round off the interior.

Originally the 190e came equipped with a 2.3-liter SOCH inline four, which was the run of the mill mercedes motor. The motor was handed over to the formula 1 race engine builder Cosworth. Where a 16valve head was developed and the results produced just under 200hp and 167ft-lbs of torque. Later a 2.5 version was later developed to continue to beat the M3 in DTM.

All that has been ditched in favor of the bullet proof supra motor. Tried and tested power, the 1jz takes well to mods and can handle a decent amount of boost. Which is why th 1jz has become the flagship motor in performance for Toyota. Although kind of cramped in the 190e's engine bay, the 1jz sits nicely behind the assortment of cooling responsibilities. That single turbo will generate a lot of power and heat. Making sure things are cooled properly like having the bigger radiator and oil coolers will ensure plenty of hoonigan sessions.

A big wing, an aggressively subtle stance where the tires are nicely tucking just a little and a dump tube fabricated to exit out the fender all of this is very cool. The big wing pays respects to the DTM days of domination.

A crazy creation and a stunning machine. The amount of custom work with motor mounts and axles was needed to get this monstrosity running. An Apexi Power FC is the brains of this operation. This is the outcome of when two legends collide. Like the suicide squad but much better.... much better.

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