Best 9 of 2016

Without further ado here are the best 9 photos and experiences we had this year at stancedownlow. Some have more sentimental value while other photos I just really like. A picture has a thousand words the saying goes, behind each photo is a story. I will share with you the times I had. Please enjoy.

This photo was taken by my friend sean ( lead fabricator at MXPI tuning) at the AMS Open house. The photo itself I fell in love with not only because of the lambo but the memories from that day. I brought my son to the open house in his lambo and we managed to make the final edit for their official video. Also, AMS privately sent me the footage of my son and I of that day. That was very special.

This photo is epic for me on a few levels. That is my dad, my son and myself walking through what has been crowned by many of you as the best show of the year, Parking Garage Party. An amazing and proud experience I am grateful to be a part of. I made some pretty good friends from this as well.... eric and shane from So ILL, love you guys.

Gridlife is the sh*t, nuff said. My boy Zane got nasty with the camera this weekend and this one is my favorite shot from the set. Something about those FD's got me like Kanye after marrying KimK..... Crazy and Crazy is how the weekend was. Such a good time.

The whole weekend at gridlife this year dominates the list. Aside from the drifting and action on the track. I really enjoyed myself over the weekend with all the extra curricular activities. The V.I.P access to the concerts was just the cherry on top. I won't lie though, I was in the crowd on friday dancing.

This photo is from Hot Import Nights Chicago. This experience made the list because I was invited to be a judge at this year's show. The regional show manager of H.I.N reached out to me personally to ask if I was up for the duty. Kinda cool to be a part of something I grew up seeing in the magazines.

This photo has my buddy Adrian's FR-S showcased. His car was in our booth for Hot Import Nights and to be frank, I love this picture. Taken at FNL presented by JDM chicago, we can agree his FR-S has executed the clean and simple look flawlessly.

A night cruising with jesse from four star society happened on a whim. Turned out I made a few new friends in Jesse and his brother Brian(also a four star member) that night. It doesn't hurt that jesse has a mint IS250 with ride height being static, his whip looks so gorgeous.

Back to Gridlife, this time Gridlife South though. The 13 hour road trip with my buddies in a truck packed to the brim with all the merch and our stuff, to the hot atlanta heat and southern hospitality, to the extraordinary display of professional drivers sliding sideways, and Waka Flaka Flame.... Yeah Gridlife South made the list.

The end of the season I started to throw more free meets. The goal to bring people together. What is happening is that we are seeing more families attending. Being I have a son and he has a lambo, it was just a matter of time before he became a member of team Hoon Buggy. Seeing the smiles on the kids and parents faces makes all the stress of putting events together worth it.


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Before I go I leave you with this.... It doesn't matter who you are or even where you're from. If you have a dream, go out there and follow your dreams. The video below shows how our best and worst moments happen on impulse. Take advantage of the moment.

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