Top Cruise Routes In Chicago

When the stress of our daily lives refuse to stop rotating around in one's mind, often the answer is an escape from reality. Whether that escape be one form or another. The fact that you are reading this means that you too are a petrolhead. One form of our release is to sometimes just shut up, suck it up and go for a drive.

Sometimes we cruise just to cruise or with friends. Whatever the case may be it's the connection between car, man and the road. Having the windows down, listening to engine climb the rpm range till you decide when to shift. It is a euphoric feeling connecting with your car. Living in the greatest city in the world only a fool wouldn't take advantage of the skyline and nightlife.

The views of driving in and around Chicago are breathtaking to say the least. Late at night I often meet friends and we cruise till the sun comes up. Let me highlight some of our favorite cruise routes.

THE 90

Coming from the Northwest suburbs, the view of the skyline is special everytime driving on 90. From 90 we get off on ohio because of the nice little curve before the bridge over the chicago river.


Despite all the fucboi fuckery that has been highlighted as of late in lower wacker. This underbelly network of streets beneath Chicago remains to be a top tier destination. What the Nurburgring is to automobile industry, the legendary almost iconic status is how Chicago see's lower wacker. With that said, be mindful, be aware, be respectful and many will continue to enjoy lower wacker for years to come.


Washing out of lower wacker, we spill out onto Lake Shore Drive. Cruising along the lake is majestic at night. The lights of the city reflect off the lake while the aroma of the lake is magnified by the breeze. It is one hell of an experience, I would suggest sharing it with others.

The Museum & Train Tracks

Lake Shore naturally leads to the museum. What usually happens is a pit stop for pictures of the skyline. From here, either head home or cruise through the city some more. The train metra system also has a network throughout chicago providing hidden gems for a cruiser. The night clubs by Ohio offer one the privilege to watch the drunks and good looking people stumble out after drinking and dancing, or just zone all that out and cruise underneath the greenline for miles.  


The city offers so much. After acting like tourist in our own town for the night. We end the night either eating Kabobs and rice or whatever is open very late. I highly recommend exploring the city. Until the next time I guess the view from my rear view mirror of the skyline will have to do.

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