Best 9 of 2015

I'd like to take this moment to look back at the year we had here at stance down low. To reminisce on where my friends and I have gone and the good times that were had. It's hard to narrow a year of memories to just nine photos but this selection shows some big shows to just those weekday nights grabbing some grub with friends and cruising. No matter the location its the company in hand that make these moments memorable.

On August 6th 2015, a gathering of frs/brz owners gathered to celebrate the GT86 chassis. Alone the heritage of this tuner, the ae86; has a heavy drifting history attached to its name. Rightfully so many drifters came to celebrate the joyous occasion. This night happened to be one of the first cruise together as a crew since my good friend finished his 1jz widebody 240sx build. So I highly encourage you to click on the picture to see the night in full detail.

One of the first local events is the chitownmeets.com and bgv motorsports season opener. Both being close associates and friends, I look forward to catching up since the winter cold keeps us for the most part locked in doors. What is so special about this photo happens to be this first class fitment chicago representative mazda rx8. This rx8 doesn't come out often so to see it in person is quite the sight. The finishing touches to this rx8 is a fine example of what can be done when one puts their mind to it.

One thing I'd like to do is look at others photography and truly I am a fan first. A particular chicagoland photographer that I've admired his work for some time and watched his growth. Simply an impressive young individual named Mike Sterno @ sternoPhotography is one of my favorites. When I saw he was headed to Dday, i kindly asked for his pictures. Obviously the pictures did not disappoint. Go check out SternoPhotography.

This VW beetle is not your ordinary volkswagen. To see this Tanner Foust edition RWB  beetle turbo R barely get a second look or garner any attention, left me with this opportunity to capture those illustrious curves that coincide with any RWB porsche build. The untrained eye moves past like a zebra blind to the lion just in the brush waiting to pounce. Do not be mistaken, this is not your ordinary bug.

Just looking one will notice the rarity in the nissan maxima as a chosen platform. What I see is the progression of one of my very own pupils. The layers of depth in this shoot are accredited to my friend dave. More important than the picture for me was the night we had once the car show was over. This was the TeamIC electric dance factory event. So at night, the trap/ dubstep music was juking and we had a blast acting a fool and dancing the night away.

The most highly anticipated event of the year is Gridlife. The first round I elected to be a vendor, three days of motorsports and music draw in people by the masses. This was a great weekend despite the rain. We cruised like 20 cars deep into gingerman, watched the man himself Ryan Tuerck drift the raceway and withstood  the elements for live music showcase at the end of the night. A whole weekend that tested preparation but invoked free spirits. Credit goes to who was a fan first then became my friend, thank you Zane Petty for working the camera for the weekend.

My personal daily driven scion xa has been with me since it had 0 miles and I picked it up from the dealer. It wasn't until recently that I decided to do a little makeover. Click the pic for the makeover story. This picture was taken at a Swedish BBQ, hosted by my good friends at the evolved midwest volvo crew. These guys make me consider trading this in for a v70r.

This has to be the most memorable time of this last year for me, Gridlife rd 3. My good buddy randy was racing this weekend. I went to support and get a racer/driver perspective since I've yet been back on the track since my honda was stolen( have a new honda, working on getting back to the grid). What made this weekend so special was the fun we had. I never sang karaoke before but I did this weekend. The best time I have had at gingerman thus far, outside the racetrack. Not to mention a few hot laps as a passenger in the instructor session which left me barely keeping a hold of my lunch.

For me this is what is all boils down to. The time between shows and meets, the ones that share your passion, the ones that are down to ride and the ones I break bread with; the wolfpack, the squad ... whatever you want to call it. It is the ones that are in my phone and spending time with the people I call my crew and the people I cruise with. We all have different taste in cars but the same passion. What hits home is the willingness to help that the individuals I surround myself with are willing to do.


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