Corey's Frs-GT

A Blank Canvas 

It was on television were corey first saw a fr-s, the Toyota commercial left this enthusiast intrigued and yet skeptical of the new sports car. So much hype surrounding the launch of this car and the marriage between Subaru and Toyota yet to be solidified. With the stage set for the debut of the new tuner car, the anticipation among the scene was at an all time high, reminiscent from the days of the fast and furious. A blank canvas to be painted by the minds of the artist who rule the industry. By far, there is one who rules this world, the world of modifying the FR-s and that is Kei Muira from TRA Kyoto and his rocket bunny kit.

After that commercial, the fr-s seemed to pop up everywhere, and corey could not shake the new tuner, everywhere he looked he reminded of the fr-s. Until the day came when he saw a fr-s in white and after wiping the drool from his lip, a trip to the dealership was in order. At this point, the fr-s has yet to be in production and still corey puts down a small sum for the holding fee. As each day ends and passes, the delivery of the fr-s draws closer.

The day finally came when Corey got the call from the dealer..."Your baby has arrived".  At that moment, corey's heart sank to his knees, almost as excited as not getting rejected to prom. Upon arrival to the dealership, corey could see his car unloaded, but it was time to talk about finance with the sales guy. Too much shock and awe to the sales guy, Corey prepared and paid for his fr-s in full that day.

With his new car, most would be happy with just that, yet corey saw a blank canvas, and so the process began. Just wanting to exonerate and build upon an already stout platform, corey's choices in parts where kept simple. To take care of the skinny stock tires the fr-s comes with, a set of enkie 19x10.5 wheels where chosen and nitto tires as the contact patch. Just past the wheels, a Ksport big brake kit to handle stopping duties. The piece of resistance is the rocket bunny kit. This kit is the most sought after modification for a fr-s. To round out the exterior, various carbon pieces added to the body panels. From the carbon roof to the spoiler, there was not a panel untouched.

The interior saw some love in the form of a seibon rear seat delete. This piece truly screams craftsmanship. The stock seats remain in the cabin and do a well enough job of holding the driver in place once the pedal is to the metal. A vortech supercharger system installed, along with headers and full exhaust from Magnaflow and agency power to complete the power delivery setup.

With the project complete, corey drives his fr-s as much as possible. Cruising to the tunes of blues music, alternative, hip hop, metal, and electronica around the town. Pretty Lights a push of a button away on those long cruises. Stopping by the shops that helped his car get to where it is today. Shops like Sound performance and Garage INC. Also a shout out to his team Chii racing culture for the knowledge and support on his build.

Driver Profile

Corey Judd
chicago, il
rocket bunny frs

-Favorite magazine/ website?-
   websites- facebook, youtube, google, adult swim, beliefnet
   magazines- super street , import tuner, modified mag

-Whats playing threw the speakers?-
   Pretty lights

-Favorite moment with the car- 
  Another 2013



Vortech supercharger 
agency power header/ downpipe
magnaflow exhaust


stock paddle shift

Engine Management System-

cusco throttle switch


Eibach springs


Ksport big brake kit

Wheels & Tires-

Enkei 19x10.5
Nitto invo tires


Rocket bunny kit
Seibon carbon hood, roof, roof spoiler, air ducts
5 Axis spoiler


seibon carbon rear seat delete
agency power harness bar
sparco harness straps

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