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2013 events

UnTouched Aura

Presented by: Prestige Auto Spa, Europrojektz, Stance Down Low

A car/bike culture and lifestyle gathering to benefit The Cancer Treatment Center of America. It started as a topic in a discussion one night, to have this meet. If we do it, then we got to do it for a good cause and give back to the community. The gathering has to be sexy, classy, and stylish with some PINK in it (breast cancer awareness) was the other goal/aspect to accomplish (Europrojektz). What was a dream we put into the action and become your reality with the help of some good friends ... Stance Down Low & EuroProjektz brings the community an "Untouched Aura". The first in a series of laid back good vibe gatherings to come.

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Put up or shut up! Think you have the baddest fastest ride? This event is where midwest settle grudge matches and where legacy's are born. Racers are also in pursuit of a cash purse, the intensity is real and everyone puts everything on the line. An intense day of battles down the drag strip leaves one with a feeling of wanting more.

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The second installment of this annual food drive gathering at MXPI turned out some top notch whips of the northwest Chicago suburbs. With the goal of donating as much food to the deposit bank as possible, even a little clouds and strong winds did not deter enthusiast.



Making Chicagolands car culture bigger and bringing the community together is what this gathering entails. An emphasis on bringing back the feeling of carshow's from the 80's, reminiscent to the yoahan vibe of yesteryear, Crews Car show brings out all of Chicago top builds and crews.



Wangfest is a grassroots track day event that provides fun and safe track time at an affordable cost. The laid back aura, unmatched track time and the beautiful Michigan landscape has drivers coming from all over the Midwest and is a real favorite amongst local track rats.
This installment of Wangfest introduced timing and included time trails. With prizes on the line, the track heated up and the battles between man and machine commenced. With so much up for stake and bragging rights on the line, not one driver held back and left every once of desire on the course.
Although an occasional spin out or off course action would happen, the day went without accident. Leaving the fans satisfied and me the eagerness to return to the track. Stay tuned for a new feature, "The road to Wangfest".

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StanceWi Summer Car Show

The road to Wisconsin, in particular Milwaukee, is a cruise that is just long enough to feel like your on a getaway from Chicago. The folks at StanceWi set up their summer installment gathering for charity at the brewer's stadium. On this Sunday afternoon,  the sun was out and on blast. With the heat index above one hundred, the key to survival was to hydrate. Of course,  I wore all black and was baking all day. Having had some new camera gear arrive and not filming in a while, I was gitty and boyishly exciting to play with my new toy. As always the show was diverse, organized, and impressive. The best part was watching all the cars leave and watching them rip it down the street.



I can not believe that its been a year already. What was just a parking garage event last year to the baseball stadium this year, its cool to see these shows grow and continue to grow each year. This was probably the single most important event this year for me just because of the sheer mass of people that would be attending, but also mostly all the Chicago car scene in one location. With clear skies,  all day and the sun shinning the only pain was the line. Not just for vendors, and the hundreds, dare I say a thousand of cars, but also the line for spectators. The line went down the block, and was quite a site to see. Once the show commenced, and the stadium flooded with spectators everything went smooth and I could not of enjoyed myself more.


Wake up, Wake up ... Wake up, its the first Saturday of the month. Time to get up, get up, get up and take some pictures of cars. With the location out in Skokie,  this time instead of the usual Bolingbrook promenade, I made it a priority to make it out. Never being at this spot before, I was curious on the landscape and the scenery and with the promise of beautiful vehicles for some automotive photography.


Now in its third installment of auto mass rd 3 the organizers of this event added more for the show goers. What started out as a cloudy day turned into a sun filled day full of fun and activities. This time around I went as a spectator with a few friends. It is nice to go to a show once in a while for the sake of just to enjoy it. Living up on the northwestern end of ILL commute to Toyota park was an hour at least. On the way,  we made a pit stop at kumas corner for some refreshments and food. Upon, arriving to Toyota park, Automass greeted us with tire smoke and a beautiful orchestra of revving engines. This year they added a stunt bike show which was pretty cool.  After a few pics, shaking hands and putting people's faces to the names and lives we see on social media it was time to head back home.


Guys Drifting around smoking the tires and the autocross folk squealing rubber, burgers and dogs consumed by spectators. The Rockford speedway was host to this event organized and put together by PERFECT SOUNDZ. Andy and the guys at prefect sounds have been putting this thunder dome event on since 2005. This was my first time attending and first time at the Rockford speedway. Being a vendor,  arriving early allows time to set up. It was cool seeing the racers preparing their minds and their cars for a day full of racing and pushing the limits. As the day progressed so did the heat from the sun. So between runs the Stance Down Low canopy was the social watering hole one could say. I was telling the drivers, and my buddies to get out the sun and come eat some snacks. With the d.j Rockin',  the beat and the sound of v8's shredding tires, The ThunderDome is a track day event I''ll be attending in the future.


A Sunday in Chicago to remember. This show had the feeling of a scene straight out of fast & furious. Loud music playing, old' school v8's, exotics, imports and bikes all revving their engines throughout the day made this event unique to me. Your big block v8 guys over in one corner and the v10 exotic imports off in another while your v-dubs and honda's throughout created a symphony of automotive music. The roar of the engines bouncing off the walls kept the day exciting. This show had all the senses tingling. Taste buds left satisfied by the food vendors, and I smashed a hot dog and a polish. Not to mention plenty of eye candy everywhere, Team IC and Chitownmeets.com put on a memorable event.


This Dyno day had an emphasis on nostalgia. Upon, researching the history of king motorsports, and Uncovering their foothold in racing, and building championship winning vehicles. After winning several grassroots series and back to back championships in the 90's  using mugen engines, trans, and suspension components all in honda's put king motorsports on the map. So when mugen decided to bring their parts to U.S soil, they choose king motorsports to be the sole distributor of Mugen parts. The high pedigree king motorsports earned threw racing and the top notch quality mugen parts straight from japan. It was a match made in heaven and no one have looked back since. Now king motorsports shows us, the community its appreciation by opening its doors and hosting this amazing car culture event. Great weather, pumped up tunes and grilled food provided by the local boy scouts, this is an event with good intentions and supports the community.

CHITOWNMEETS.com presents WELCOME 2013

A huge lot out in suburbia, nestled between an Irish bar and a pizza place marked the location for this Chitown meet. Waking up to a dark cast over Chicago left very lil promise to a good turn out. If we build it, they will come.  The sky held back its tears for the meet and ended up being quite turn out. Once people started showing up, and social media let everyone know "ishh" is going down, more and more peeps kept coming. For me, today's objective was to take pictures and concentrate on mingling with the crowd. It is a trip seeing people that we read about on social media sites face to face. So for those I met, it was a pleasure and to the people i still have not met face to face. I'll see u soon, possibly at the next meet.


A year has passed, and MXPI is still doing work, so to express its appreciation Mr. Cid(owner) opened his doors, fired up the grill, and had plenty of water for everyone that came out on this Saturday afternoon.  With burgers and dogs flying of the grill, zolar ent. Rockin' the beats, cars and people started flocking towards this lil shop. It is cool to see his shop keep growing and expanding its operation. I'm glad he put this together because I had a good time.


UTI Torque Meet

This nationwide tour makes a stop in the windy city. With Project X has the host, this event turned out to be high despite the early morning showers and a few clouds in the sky. From the  smooth tunes from the d.j to the sound of a lil stunt bike show, the Spectators and car owners did plenty. Other activities going on were the r.c drift car track and a swap meet,  where one could purchase parts and  also other vendors selling stickers, merchandise and et.


StanceWi 2013 Spring Kick Off

The roosters cock-a-doodling and the sun rising mean its time to get up and get ready for stanceWi 2013.  Mere 2hrs from Chicago, the drive to Milwaukee fly's by as long as there is no traffic. I do not always leave Illinois, but when I do I bring the familiar. Every time we go out, SDL we got to show out. With plenty of sandwiches, left was to load up the bike and merchandise then ride out to meet the rest of the crew. We still made it to Milwaukee in the knick of time to setup... The show itself could not of been better, the sun was out, plenty of eye candy and the rumbles of autocross in the lot next to us complimented the music that the D.J was playing... Also with the presence of event security prevented any douschebaggery. So with that being said, the show was coming to an end, and the awards ceremony was underway. Low and behold this trip turned out to be more than well worth, being that my guy oreo took home 1st place for best domestic.


NINE LIVES RACING & GPS TRACKTIMES EVENT                                

With the official start of spring and hopefully the last snowfalls of winter behind us, marked the beginning of track day season. This event held at the autobahn country club in Joliet, in a very industrial area. This being my first time going here, so excited and hoping I would not get lost. This motorsports facility is home to some big name race teams, and the complex divided up by north and south course. There are some "members only" signs that remind general folk this is a pay to play atmosphere. Private garages/weekend homes take one into a fantasy world of how awesome would it be to have one and drive this program as one pleased. From the grassroots garage mechanic to some full on race teams, the autobahn country club is a place I can not wait to go back and track my hatch.




With summer round the corner, the guys at zero clearance decided to throw together what has become an infamous meet/ event to go to in Chicagoland known as STRETCH YOUR LEGS. Montrose harbor was selected to host this mid winter meet. The cold was not a factor Chicago's car culture was in full effect. Turned out to be quite the day, from hoodlums making people burnout, to cops getting called for some stupid a**es drinking and starting fights, and back to the real reason we all come out is to show off and to be together. With over 1000 cars that came through the harbor, there was bound to be some trouble makers. We kept it 100%, and It was back to the party at the SDL canopy. Big thanks to s.o.s and the girls for helping out all day and for bringing food. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello and everyone that participated in the HARLEM SHAKE video.



For years, McCormick's place has been the host for the Chicago auto show. Since I was little, I've been attending the auto show is a Chicago event I will not miss. As the years pass, the auto show continues to bring new and fun activities and vehicles to display. From concept vehicles to lil test drive courses, the auto show has stepped up in regards to keeping the show goers entertained.

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