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The anticipation for Wekfest leading up to it's stop in Chicago was immense. Even the most steady nerves surgeon would have an anxiety attack. The top tier, world class car show tour known as Wekfest, has a pedigree all of its own and the bar is set pretty high.

The Wekfest crew decided on McCormick's Place to host nearly 400 cars. McCormick's Place is pretty huge and filled with numerous halls that produce many different events.

The convoy I arrived with along with myself caught ourselves following the wrong crowd. We almost walked into some american heritage convention. It was funny because we found ourselves surrounded by not our crowd.(for a lack of a better term yuppies)

I said to myself, find the person wearing Jordans and follow them. Not any Jordan's, new one's because people in our crowd tend to show out. Sure enough a pair of air max 1's guided us to the correct hall.

Once we made it through the ticket gate and walked through the double doors. The immense amount of space and high ceilings instantly created a unique experience. Creating almost an illusion of grandeur, solidifying the wekfest pedigree.

I knew it was inevitable and that I would be running into a lot more people. Part of the fun is being with friends and seeing familiar faces.  I brought a buddy who isn't as into cars as me, yet he still had a blast. It was cool for me explaining to the noob that this is a wide body kit, this is an airbag set up, and so on and so on.

__________ insert love for hatchback here.

I have a soft spot for hatchbacks and wagons. I've seen this mini on my instagram feed over the winter months. It has gone through its own transformation as well, which made seeing the end product kind of cool.

I am a fan first and I am a big fan DownStar. A leader in the industry, DownStar is a brand that was built from the ground up. The journey of success is something to respect and inspire the young guns.

One Chicago success story is a shop called Touge Factory. A leader in top quality builds, brought this stunning ae86. The wild livery is quite bold while the work wheels keep this classic subtly planted to the ground.


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