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Team IC & EMF 2015

Team IC is a stable in the Chicago car scene and has been throwing shows annually for quite a few years. Now this time they teamed up with Night Life Paradise to bring us ELECTRIC MUSIC FACTORY, a car and music festival. The car show during the day, alongside numerous forms of entertainment that coinside our culture, to pretty much one bad ass concert to top it off at the end of the day.

Once the vendors where set and the cars in place, the dj kicked on some ol' schoool tunes and called all B-boys participating in the competition to the stage. Needless to say the competition was fierce and each B-boy displayed their talents. Windmills, handstands and the splits, all the moves were busted out and left the crowd cheering for more. 

From self expression through dance to expression through art. There is no denying that we think of a vehicle as our canvas to do with what we please, what we see in our minds and bring to life what we feel inside. The same can be said for all forms of art, even what society may look down upon; the graffiti artist. 

Needless to say this electric music factory event brought people together that can share at least one thing in common, self expression. Another cornerstone of the car culture is the car model. The kind folks of Blood Type Racing aka the btrCrew had some talent on hand to display their line of products. These guys have a thing for the KDM scene and offer many products for such vehicles.

The venue was set for Davis Park in the heart of downtown Rockford. With more than enough room to accomodate all the days planned festivities, their was little chance for one to be left bored. The downtown buildings in the background of this nicely stanced 300c to the collegiate type stadium in front of the Tiffany Blue IS300, any angle choosen offered a beautiful backdrop to the car line up.

Being right along the river, the scenery changed depending on which direction you look. Looking past these bikes can be hard to do. The custom paint and nice exhaust setups lead the eye to travel all over the bikes' canvas. To only see more and more subtle mods here and there.

Two members of Team IC that have been doing good things for a while. This widebody Mr2 that is pretty much one of a kind. Sporting custom body work to the finest in JDM goods. The lead face of team IC and his V.I.P build lexus also made their debut being not to long before the event the car was aquired.

One trend that I noticed was while the cars where rolling in, they obvisouly rolled in with their crew and the people they would park next to. More often than not a volkswagen would park next to a volkswagen, especially if sporting similar styles or a subaru to a subaru rocking rally goods from STI. Birds of a feather flock together they say.

In every crowd though there will be some lone rangers. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and your quintessential hollywood bad girls would be proud of this mischievious set up. The color purple accents and custom colored pieces show the individuality.

One car that we just don't see being modified or even touched in the aftermarket is the Nissan Maxima. None of which lends a helping hand to the beginner and may lead to difficulties throughout a build process. I'd say that the one who stuck with this maxima hit the mark on all levels. Turned out to be quit a lovely looking car with a nice wheel and suspension setup.

The unicorn of the show of course was this widebody, upgraded turbo's GT-R. Its unique wrap color draw the eye in and follow the accentuated curves of the widebody. The upgraded setup produces just over 700hp with room to grow.

The end of the show dictated the participants to park in a lot nearby to enjoy the nights activities or...

As the old saying goes "you don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell out of here". 

Myself along with my buddy decided to stay and enjoy the nights festivities. All in all, work hard to play harder. We arrived early only to stay late and occasions like this happen and time flies when you are having fun. This Electric Music Factory event was a melting pot of petrolheads to bass heads to dare I say potheads jk, just so happen to be another vendor. The good music, food and vibes led to a disturbance free and quit enjoyable day. I wish I didn't pack my camera up so fast, so you could see the robots on stilts and the flashing lights that went right along with the trap music that banged hard into the night. Great production and I am glad that I stayed for the whole day.  

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