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Chitownmeets.com & BGV 2015

Chitownmeets.com is the one stop shop to see what events are going on in the chicagoland at any given time on any given day. They along with BGV motorsports teamed up to host a car show this year. Just outside the city limits at Harper college because of its big lots and easy access it was an ideal location for the show.

The forecast called for cloudy skies and scattered showers throughout the chicagoland for the majority of the morning on this day. Which did come to fruition , but did not damper any vendor or petrolhead. I set up shop and my neighbors where the kind folks at iStance and my buddy Shane @SoILL. The vendor line up also consisted of the guys at CTB Garage and local food vendors serving up tasty treats like freshly cooked kettle corn to homemade cupcakes/muffins.  

Steadily the camberd' out whips rolled in and filled the lot. The sketchy forecast was a second thought as the car show staffed was on top on the situation directed traffic in an orderily fashion to the final destination for the vehicle. 

The upper eschelon of Chicago's scene weren't scared off by a little rain.  We see Mr. Brostein's First class fitment Rx8 gracing us with it's presence. Fitment tighter than a virgin's va-ja-ja, we don't see many mazda's of this generation being touched or modified let alone done to this manner. 

Now that all the vendors are set up and all the cars in their places, the migration of populations to the lots of harper college commenced. The show was not only limited to import cars, but also trucks, muscle cars and bikes. These Jeeps are exhibiting their crawling capabilities.

Frankly don't see to many Chevy's that are done up coming out like this to the shows. I'd love to see more trucks tastefully done like this at the shows.

A stretched piece of tail on this suzuki is more than a beautifull peice of hardware but also functional. When the boost comes on in the hyabusa the added length helps keep the front end down on the ground under hard acceleration moments.


A beautiful example of a well kept and maintained muscle car is this early 60's model buick rivera. The suspension is not broke, it is on airbags. This is a family heirloom of one of my buddies and leader over at Envolved Midwest Volvo car club.

That really is what the car scene is about and what the culture itself truly embraces. Bringing family, friends and people who have a common interest in cars together. Passing down the passion to the younger generations and seeing the older generations enjoy the scene for what it is today is really a beautiful thing.

Hard not to find a jdm car owner not interested in jdm culture. Anime is huge all over but originated in japan. We see this translated to expresion all over the hood of this lexus sedan. Love the individuality and personal touch.

One car gaining steam and growing in momentum is the KDM market's Kia Optima. With its turbocharged engine from the factory and great owner's maintanence and warranty programs, no wonder people's curiosity turned toward this turbo sedan.

Here is my good friend John's G35 resting on airbags, rolling on some vossen's. We did come across light rain fall in the begining parts of the show. Still that did not deter the masses of petrol heads from enjoying themselves.

The sky seemed black at its worst moments, the contrast added to the ambiance of the day. Mimicing the contrast from these two subaru's color spectrum. Two aggressive, lowered Sti's look ready to pounce on any victim on the pavement.

Closing time and all the SDL merch and canopy all packed up, we see everyone else leaving and the parking lot to empty. From here, I met up my volvo friend Jimmy for wings at hooters then bubble tea at the coffeehaus.

Where we met Jimmy's friend that recently aquired this Alfa Romeo 4C. An elegantly styled european sports car that is revitalizing the mid engine layout. Powered by a tubo'd motor producing  roughly 240ph in a package that weighs in less than 2500lbs, equates to a rather nimble speedy automobile.

The interior is basically a NASA quality carbon fiber cockpit. The quality in the choice of material used is top shelf with Alfa Romeo brand. From here the day ended and we all went our seperate ways. Another enjoyable day and also a pleasure meeting someone new. 

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