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Schaumberg Scion Car Show 2015

The Schaumberg Scion dealership has been an active member in our car community for some years now and their annual show held at woodfield mall draws quite the crowd. Despite not having father time on their side, the buzz on social media and the anticipation for the event grew as the day drew closer. With the help of a few radio plugs on B96, the village of schuamberg and a complete effort from the scion team, the show came together without any snags.

Being a vendor, I was required to be there at five to set up before the event starts and show up with whomever I have parking with me. My good friend and shop owner of MXPI Tuning would also have a booth set up. So the decision was made for all of our friends to meet up at his shop and roll in together.

This was a good cruise together to event because we had a decent number of cars rolling. Although the shop is only ten minutes from woodfield the cruise was short but sweet. We all helped eachother set up and watched as the lot filled up and the event unfolded.

Across the way was my friends from SoILL and Shane's EM1sol. We see them hard at work and another satisfied customer admiring his unique honda. The front end conversion and low profile of this del sol draws in the crowd. Rightfully so, the newly finished wide fenders came out smooth and look great.

The caviar of the car scene also graced us with thier presence. JDM Chicago has been holding down the car community for ages now and brought out some top builds that are recongized around the world. Such as this flawless hakosuka gtr. 

Along with the Z couple bringing the old and the new fairlady's out to enjoy the night. 

Of course now being a scion show, it would not be right with out a scion in thier line up. This first gen box is a great example of what the possibilities are with one's imagination and how proper execution leads to a beautiful thing.

Moving along, I stopped to admire this r33 skyline. With cars from the 90's hitting that 25yr classic mark, the importation of early 90's japanese sports cars are making there way stateside. 

The RCcar track was set up for drifting. Sideways action is always a pleasureable pass time all be it miniture in form. The tandem sessions did draw in the crowds and pleased the audience with the choreographed like moves the cars pulled off.

Quick stop at fatboy decals to say what's up. Great guy that has always been approachable and we tend to shoot the shit every time I stop by. The sticker man that can take of your sticker needs. Hit him up.

The sun now beigining the early stages of setting and the night begining to take over. The crowds only grew and the masses continued to migrate the many rows of cars. It was at this point I tripped over my own shoe and fell into Ms. Ashley Resnick of the Resnick auto group. She asked for my help with her gopro, after a brief selfie tutorial, she proceeded to tell me that she had read my write up from last year's event and that she loved it.  I was very humbled and said " thank you, that means a lot."

To keep the energy levels maintained the lovely girls of red bull where on location. Handing out some new flavors of redbull, I grabbed the blueberry flavor to refuel before heading out on the journey through the rest of the car show.

The guys from chicago rally brought out the P1 Mclaren along with other exotics and sports cars. The trio of GT-R's though, made one stop in their tracks and stare. 

So many beautiful cars already in the lot did not stop the waves upon waves of more eye catching rides, one after another kept rolling in. The cars kept coming till eventually all the overflow lots where filled up.

The last sips of sunlight made anything chrome stand out and shine bright like a diamond. Couldn't of asked for better weather on this night.

Obviously, huge thank you to b96 and the street team for keeping the tunes pumping through out the night until the after party at drink night club.

The temperature started to drop so I stopped by the Gridlife booth to say hello to Chris and grab a hoodie. Quite the gentleman and a cornerstone to the scene. I purchased my gridlife hoodie and said "Thank you sir, see you at gridlife."

The NSX is a great car that can take on the track and live the gridlife. No slouch the NSX is, when it comes to cornering and the NSX is agrueably one of the best handling cars ever made. 

The balance of modifying ones vehicle is truely up to descretion. One thing I did notice once the sun set where the lights. How easy it is to overlook headlights, simple bulb replacement or even H.I.D conversion is the norm. But pulsating, stobe, changing color type light systems add that lil extra element to the nightlife.

Heading back to my booth I ran into my volvo buddies. After some coordination, the whole group was gathered for this photo. Always showing in numbers the midwest envolved volvo crew is a tight knit bunch with a love for sweedish goods.

I have a soft spot for clean honda's, especially hatches. So I will leave this right here. At this moment, back at the Stance Down Low booth my buddy with his 1jz 240sx started up his car and began to bounce the needle of the rev limiter. A mass crowd unsued and surrounded the car and canopy. 

After the mayhem of the 1jz and the engine took its last few breathes, the winners for the awards where being announced. I hung back to snap some shots of my buddies recently finished grom.

Who also brought his partner in crime, the honda ruckus.

Both low and stretched to the maximum. Beautiful little bikes they are and very easy to ride. The aftermarket support for these things are limitless which add to the appeal of any future owners.

The night ended with my buddy and his 1jz 240sx taking home best overall import. To say he was happy, would not do justice. My friend was elated and surfing around on cloud nine for the rest of the evening. The build took the better part of two years and with the help of Mr. Cid and the guys at MXPI Tuning the rouge wolf was able to take home the gold. 

Another succesfull event in the books, until next year. Thank you so much the team at Schuamberg Scion and every party involved that made this years' show happen.


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