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Park After Dark 15'

StanceWi has been putting together some of the best shows in the midwest these last few years. Securing a location like the brewers' stadium in years past offered for some very scenic photography, along with the childhood feeling of "a day at the ballpark" made past events memorable. Once they announce that this years' Park after Dark event will be held at an airfield,  mass hysteria ensued amoungst the car community.

The journey to wisconsin I did not make alone. I invited my friend Ricardo with his Volkswagen Golf. Three hours in the car was no problem, for his car is equipped with air-ride suspension. Cruising on a cloud was not the case for my other good friend I invited and his recently finished 240sx.

Vendor roll-in time was set around 4ish, so we thought with the time to spare a quick wash would suffice. Also, just stretching and getting out of the car felt needed. The event being just down the road, a short blip of the throttle would get us there in no time.

Unbeknownst to us that the line was growing steadily to enter the event. Being an organized event, the traffic was kept to the right for people to register and the left lane for vendors. So bypassing the growing line and access straight into the event was very generous and I am very appreciative. So long suckers.... jkjk...lol...

Being ushered to our designated location, we parked the cars in place and set up the both. Staying by the booth for the first few hours, waiting for the sun to set our appetites were growing. Perfect timing because at this moment a group of boyscouts being chauffuered by quite a lovely lady took our order for some burgers and hot dogs. 

As we finished our food the sun began to set. So I grabbed my camera and headed out for a walk around the show.

Even with all the recent controversy surrounding volkswagen, its hard to deny or look past a beautiful car when you see one. Beautiful example of the wordly popular golf.

Simply stunning example of an NSX. What stood out to me was the quality and execution of the parts used. Look closely at the front lip and you will notice H.I.D running day lights. The install looked as if it came from the factory that way.

Yet this pop up headlight ol' school NSX looked at home in the sun. The beautiful red paint only shined at every angle the sun hit it.

On the cruise out here, we came across this Ls powered Rx7 on the highway. First thing I noticed was the sound of the v8 purring down the freeway. The rx7; later on took home a trophy. Congrats on a fast car that also looks great.

Moving on into the show, I would just follow the mass of people migrating the grounds of the airport. From row to row and isle to isle so many cars of all makes to admire.

Everything from this ol' school GTO wagon to the 240 parked right next to it. The event was open to all makes. This turned out to be quite the melting pot of automotive enthusiast. We need more of this in the scene.

The gates closing registration at sunset, the last few cars trickled in at the nick of time and we sent off to the appropriate destination in the airfield.

Some of chicago's finest also made the journey from the windy city to the cheese state. The location of the event was worth the drive. 

Argueably the cleanest, most jdm, whatever you would like to call it, very detailed example of an fr-s hails from the windy city as well.

Moving forward with the show, I couldnt help but notice the diversity amoungst the cars. We got this farm truck sitting on the ground next to japan's princess civic (I also own a civic) shows first hand that the new and the old can coinside next to one another without prejudice or fear of discrimination.

Did I mention that the show was held at an airport. Having access to the hangers and allowing cars to park inside of them lent to the unforgettable experience. $20 would even get one up in the air for a ride and pictures over looking the event.

Simply cool as h*ll to see cars parked next to the planes and helicopters. So I will shut up and you enjoy the pics, ill be back in just a moment.

Going through hanger lane lead me to take a quick left at the end of rows of hangers. That is were Project orange was chilling. I recommend, that you hashtag search #intheknow because this is hondapro Jasons.

Truely one heck of a show the guys at stanceWi put together this year. We see my good friend jimmy and his red R along side the jets, and an other volvo R that belongs to my good friend Alan. Both still got nothing on this charger though, love you guys but this thing is the best looking charger i have seen.

My good friends from elegant shot studios brought out thier newly finished ruckus'. These boys got their ruckus game on point.

Making my way back to the vendor area, I stopped by my buddies booth, shane from So ILL to say hi. We chatted for a bit then informed me that he needs to get ready for the limbo contest.

Back in the scene after blowing his motor not too long ago. Everett has managed an engine rebuild on a very short timeline and didn't miss a beat.

The looming limbo contest brought us to pack in the merchandise and break down the canopy.

The line started off very long and and big. The first round knocked out most of the competion.

Look closely and you will see a very happy father cheesin from ear to ear as his daughter/ son pulls in line together for the next cone available.

Some people have good luck. Others', pile on as many people onto their cars to go under a holla up. This low life is not for everyone.

Everything packed up with the help of some friends and the next move was to the gas station.

This is where we met with my other friends and decided to cruise to the windy city together.

Bout ten cars deep, we all headed back to the windy city. Some drove into china town, while myself and only a few other went home.

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